Terms and conditions for use of Album at LeoKrut:

General notes:

Album at LeoKrut is a place for amateur photographers to test their artistic skills in the open for all competition.

Free publication.

We accept photo pictures from anyone free of charge.

To submit photo user have to register into our database providing valid verifiable e-mail.

We establish limit number of free uploaded photos from one user. The limit can be modified by performance. Particular by accepting a photo into Hall of Fame. We in general do not accept photos promoting porno, gambling, violence. We could also reject obviously bad quality photos.

Open competition.

There is open for all continual competition for best photographer. Best pictures will be accepted in Hall of Fame. User who's photo is accepted in Hall of Fame will receive increase of limit to upload pictures. Upon possessing three photos at Hall of Fame user will be rewarded by space for text link for free advertisement by his/her choice for free. Decency content limitations could apply.

Forbidden content.

The following content is considered strictly prohibited at Album at LeoKrut: obvious and explicit promotion of porno, gambling or criminal activity.


We do not guaranty privacy of posted information. We consider all published content as intended for public domain.


User of uploaded picture solemnly responsible for all legal aspects of copyright law and uploaded content. By checking "Agree" box user certify that the copyrights of uploaded materials belong to him/her and he/her transfer limited copyrights of them to LeoKrut. Specifically user permits LeoKrut any usage of materials - photo and description inside LeoKrut site without right to sell them to third parties without permission of user. User also permits to LeoKrut to use uploaded materials into collages and/or as raw material for creative activity of LeoKrut forfeiting copyrights on the final products in case of significant modifications of initial materials.

Copyright notice of user will be displayed only if User will provide his/her name during registration process. Absence of provided Name means that user transfer all copyright to LeoKrut in full entirety.

Termination of the publication.

We reserve the right to delete any photo without explanation with or without increasing limit of permitted uploaded by affected user.

We also reserve right to change number of permitted uploads for any user with or without explanation.

Electronic signature.

By marking "Agree" check box in submitting form user effectively signs these terms.

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