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Growth at crystallization.


Mechanism of two-dimensional nuclei growth.
One of the models of layer by layer growth of crystal is based on the random process of forming two dimensional nucleus that schematically displayed on the following picture:

Fig. 1. Schematic view of two dimensional nucleus on the flat crystal surface. 

A change of free Gibbs energy as a result of formation such disc-like island represents a formula:

ΔG = dπr2×ΔGv + 2πrd×σ       ...

Dislocation induced crystal growth.
An observation of the crystals growing with flat surfaces and in the same time difficulty of quantitative application of the two dimensional nuclei model for quantitative explanation of experimental data for temperature dependence of rate of crystal growth as well an occasional the observation spiral like formations on the crystal surfaces leads to some specific theory of crystallization named spiral dislocation model.

The model bypasses the necessity of random formation of two dimensional nuc...

A model of thermally activated crystal growth.

A model of thermally activated crystal growth is a foundation for theory of crystallization.

In the model of thermally activated crystal growth addresses to the elemental act of incorporation of molecule on the surface into crystal. In the spite (or because) simple mathematical formulation and universality of the model itself meanings of elements in it are sometimes paradoxical and demands separate discussions and definition in any specific situation.

In the model of thermally act...

Models of growth of crystal surface.
The model of thermally activated crystal growth as described in the article leaves aside the very important feature of crystal growth phenomena namely the influence of surface energy.

A difference in levels of free energy between molecule situated at the surface of the crystal incorporated in it and if belonged to amorphous phase is designated by addition of component that reflect on change surface of crystal in case of molecule transformation:

  ΔG = ΔμVm ...