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Nucleation at crystallization.


Formulas for numbers of molecules on the surface of a large nucleus.

Numerical simulation of nucleation phenomena during crystallization demands a definition several parameters of the clusters of crystalline molecules in initial amorphous phase. Among of such key parameters are a numbers of molecules on the surface of cluster these can be transformed from one phase to other changing number of molecules in the cluster.

Letís cluster has i molecules with volume vm each.

Effective size of d is defined by equation vm = d3

The volume of the cl...

Nucleation from own melt.

A phenomena of spontaneous appearance of crystal phase inside of liquid and then self sustained growth up to the point of complete transformation of liquid into crystal is the very commonly observed for producing ice in refrigerator and most paradoxical from point of clear demonstration of limitations of direct application of thermodynamic laws in case when macro effects are seed out from micro scale incident when statistical fluctuations play major role.

The paradox of nucleation...