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Cultural revolution as premonition of progress to extinction.
Lately, as if from nowhere, an institution of marriage that for centuries was an instrument of procreation next generation in civilized society by proclamation of Supreme Court becomes to be liberal union for love of two persons of not consequential sex. The decision followed by admitting an unconditional right of woman to rid off any part of her body including almost formed into baby fetus that is a factor in decreasing of birth rate as well. A relaxation in drugs consumption and mass demonstra...
Nonsensical rant of Hillary Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.
June 13, 2015 Hillary aka Clinton threw a long nonsensical rant acting as if champion stand up comedian.

She said I don't get It is wonderful to be here with all of you. Exaggeration.This statement could fit only porn stars specialized in non-stop marathon. To be in New York with my family, with so many friends, including many New Yorkers who gave me the honor of serving them in the Senate for eight ...
A curiosity stop at Paris at sentimental trip from Boston to Saint Petersburg.
Trivial life circumstances these are irrelevant for content of the story but clocklike defined time when I had to fly from my place in Boston to my place in Saint Petersburg, Russia in late October of 2014. Intercontinental air tickets are quite expensive even out off season so I tried to optimize the trip to see the place I as student French literature had read so much, Paris.

The master plan was to use time between connecting flights to see Paris, France to have several hours for walk...
Honeymooning  in Dalhousie
You have just made the right choice if planning a romantic holiday in Dalhousie. Learn what makes Dalhousie the perfect choice for Honeymooners.

Dalhousie is a very popular and important hill resort in Himachal and attracts hundreds of tourists every years especially honeymooners and couples. Located on the outer slopes of hill Dhauladhar range, the hill town lies at a height of 6,430 ft. The romantic couples love the peace and solitude they get to enjoy in the hill station and can be ...
Money pump machine on the base of random and predictable market.
There is commonly acceptable paradigm that price movements of the free and liquid market is random and as such is unpredictable with any level of certainty. Examples of successful players are referred to largest resourced for market analysis of large firms compare to intuitive individuals, so named retail investors. But if heavy analytics can positively affect bottom line of speculations it means that market is predictable. Nevertheless up to now nobody demonstrates any examples of statistically...
American hustle movie makes me feel defrauded.
American hustle is my biggest mistake in choosing movie trip for family so far. I cannot say that it is bad movie, honestly and objectively. It obviously could find their fans among those selective few who are admiring “Casino”, “Blow”, “Traffic” or other bio-dull productions made for illogical reasons or tailored Oscar. I don’t know how best define this genre. Maybe it is the hoax of bored intellectuals like obamacare. One thins is clear for me. Creators of such so named art don’t care about my...
Best security guard services in Chandigarh|Mohal|Punjab|India training of guards|skilled security guards
10 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security
1. Change the Locks Make sure to change every one of the locks when you move into another house. You'll never know who approached the keys before you moved in. On the off chance that you lose the keys to your home, you ought to likewise trade every one of the locks for the most extreme home security. 2. Introduce an Alarm System Alert frameworks are extraordinary compared to other types of home assurance. Home alert frameworks quickly educate crisis e...
Online-Devices provides industrial communication products.
Online-Devices is a professional, high technology online provider specializing in high quality industrial communication products, Data Acquisition I/O modules, USB Relay Controllers and Motion Control items.

Online-Devices offers high quality electronic equipment made by leading manufacturers around the globe, such as Advantech eAutomation, Superior-Solutions and Intelligent Appliance at a significant low price, while special discounts have been defined for academic institutes, scientif...
Eastern Caribbean 9 night cruise: New York roundtrip with Norwegian Gem.
Disclaimer. This article contains critical remarks toward an organization and its employees. Facts the critique is based on are factual events but interpretation of intentions and reconstruction of thoughts and circumstances leading to the actions and decisions of any personality described here are mostly fantasy of author and ought to be considered as literary excises and free speech protected by first amendment to the United States Constitution and not intended as primary goal of the article t...
Useless elections.
Morning after presidential elections of 2012 the dominant feeling about them can be formulated with one word – useless. Useless political system, useless parties, useless president, useless, stupid and shortsighted we the people who cannot see beyond obese belly.

White aristocracy are so addicted to slave labor that they were ready to give up country in order avoid to do not noble work themselves. It started with indentured servitude of early colonies, showed ugly face in African slaver...

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