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Doctor Shaw from Prometheus outsmarted and killed angry God.
“Prometheus” movie has unusual for Hollywood blockbusters solid science fiction plot that overweight impacts for public education on modern philosophical concepts these are entertained even better than best of such films like “Matrix”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “2012” and “Avatar” do.

The plot of “Prometheus” is providing one possible answer for the fundamental question of all questions – what is the origin of the humanity? Putting aside that movie itself more hints and provides ...
Sorrow deadend of American Idol.
Current TV schedule provide only few programs to watch together and later discuss. Main disqualification factor is excess of stupidity. On the second place is scent of hidden agenda behind a lot of series – “Big bang Theory” – scientists are stupid jerks; “Will & Grace” – open propaganda homosexual life style; “Nancy Grace” –indiscriminate power of revenge to feel better; MSNBC – cult of personality; “Law and Order” – propaganda of notion that there is some law and order. You get a picture.
Bad F student Obama.
In speech at the Associated Press Luncheon at Apr.3, 2012, President Obama offered most startled evidence of his complete ignorance in and to science: “This congressional Republican budget is something different altogether. It is a Trojan Horse. Disguised as deficit reduction plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It is thinly veiled social Darwinism.” Let’s compress this passage and get statement: “Republican budget is social Darwinism”. Really? F to you Mr...
Difference between good and evil is glamour.
Russian anecdote:
Marsha is home. Coming Ivan, making love to her and going out. Marsha is home concerned with thought: maybe Ivan wanted to tell something?

“Hunger games” movie created the same impression: maybe I don’t understand a message that maybe was there? Actually there were tons of ideas I learned before. One person of extraordinary can make a difference - Superman, D'Artagnan, Gladiator, Napoleon and Simon Cowell. Love is stronger than death – Romeo and Juliette. Rules a...
Romney democrat votes for him over Obama at SuperTuesday primaries in Massachusetts.
I am democrat. I admire Bill Clinton and shame for George Bush was my President.

I agree with democrats with social issues because I believe that most treat to civilization presents explosive growth of population. Democrats are embracing abortion, contraception, homosexual marriage, college education, environmental protection over business expansion and more tolerant to ideas of legalization of drugs and prostitution. All these positions are the best and most diet way to limit family s...
Hermetic priesthood of cult for massaged news of MSNBC.
Business model of television broadcast relentlessly has been changing together with civilization adapting to technological inventions and demands of feeding hands. It is sort of for lack of better word and better television… good… But it is very dangerous for society as well. In some periods of history natural development of events are so logical and power that there is no way to change collective will of society to move together toward well defined goal. It happens during fair wars, expansion o...
Winter Holiday Vacation from Sunny Isles via South Beach Miami Florida going to Bahamas Cruise.

Winter vacation from Boston to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Then to Sunny Isles – South Beach, Miami, Cruise to Nassau Bahamas and Christmas at Great Stirrup Cay and back to Miami. Perfect beach days.

There are normal beach activities with a lot of fun, beautiful people around, strange creatures washed ashore in the morning, flock of ravens flying above and around Trump Tower III at Sunny Isles.

Christmas at Great Stirrup Key Bahamas after visiting Paradise island in Nassau ...
Executive presents Have Evolved In Montreal Canada also to the United States!
Executive presents Have Evolved In Montreal Canada also to the United States! When guys and montre rolex used to think promotional applications for their business, they advertised on a pen or calendar and obtained a excellent return on their income while in the 60's and 70's. using the 80's also to the explosion of company wealth even more was expected. Wall street bonuses experienced been regularly dolling out BMW's, Porsche's, Ferrari's, Rolex's collectively with other expensive gifts.

Marginally timeless tragedy of broken dreams, at Wall Street now.
“Margin call” is a good movie. It could be even much better theater play…

The intrigue of the movie based on the events of financial collapse that took place around 2008. Plot compresses for dramatic effect several months or even years events happened inside narrow circle of financiers of Wall Street investment banks into 24 hour climax of fire sell of toxic papers. Careful observer can find real life prototypes for several key characters in movie. Demi Moore -Blythe Masters, inve...
Just humans, what they want you to think.
Directed by representative of Hollywood liberal’s district, George Clooney, movie “The Ides of March” sends simple message namely politicians and people around them are just humans. Quite boring plot is inspired by numerous occasions of indecent sexual actions by prominent members of political class. There are very easy importunate analogies with what actually happened in John Edwards’s infidelity up to the pregnancy of groupie during 2008 presidential campaign case and Bill Clinton’s close enco...

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