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Occupy Wall Street kids come to Boston.
At Saturday our banal family promenade from South Station Boston back to Arlington began with encounter of festivity at Purchase Street that former place of Green Monster where small crowd of young people camping affront of Federal Reserve Bank. Slogans and thoughts do not dominate event. My mind reading tool indicated mix of fear, confusion and intuitive feeling of self-righteousness. Kids obviously have no clue how Wall Street sharks eat them alive but they feel the pain.

It is...
Obama: rainman or imposter.
The Question.

The question is why? Why outcome of more than two years of leadership of President Obama is nothing but bitter disappointment?
I am going to skip spelling all things these turn from bad to worse under Barak Obama’s rein because from my prospective it is everything. Even claimed made from presidential reelection headquarter achievements sound for me like Orwellian nightmare. For example a claim that promoting of homosexual life style is good for country is sort of abs...
What Solar Powered Tables Will Wirelessly Charge up?...Your Units!
So there's this most recent trend working along side our passion with the top wi-fi tools [1], and it's the proper way to keep their electric batteries completely full. With a lot of the modern pads and tablets, iphones, and laptop computers the only common problem is the most comfortable technique to keep them recharged. I started out wondering exactly what I would definitely do with many of these various devices and now I question what I would do without them. I even worry nighttime if I've go...
The prudent approach to deal with unemployment.
History teaches us that majority of intellectuals are the same loosely in prediction of future and presenting solutions as majority of general population. The inherit deficient of professional thinkers is a limitations of their imaginations only by such solutions these are embraced and expected by their masters who pays salary for brain product of such intellectuals. In simple words the job of paid intellectuals is to put in mambo-jumbo pseudoscientific language or sound bites same excuses for m...
The adjustment bureau for white noise.

“Kevin Lomax: Is this a test?
Pam: Isn't everything?”
The Devil's Advocate

Most irritating moments in waste majority of Hollywood movies are a final happy end. It is imminent as mediocrity by definition of average ticket buyer; it is so illogical that ought to be hard worked masked by great harmony of symphony orchestra and multi million smiles of celebratory human assets of BS industry. The adjustment bureau is not exemption. The black angel will bring good messa...
Men\'s Trend Watches in 2011
Government as a criminal enterprise.
We know that some governments acted as criminal enterprises. Often after war or revolution winners established special tribunal like in Nurnberg on Nazis after Word War 2 or by people convention ruled to execute Louis XVI. There are so many of examples of such sort that nobody except Smashed-balls Matthews can deny existence of the phenomenon of corrupt government. It is not really interesting. What is really fascinating the question could moral government exist at all? It is a mater of definiti...
Salt movie. Crazy Russians versus retarded Americans.
The salt of bull s…t. The movie Salt provides perfect argument for the case of psycho illness of conspiracy theoreticians. It could be compared with such shamefully hidden from public discussion in mainstream media examples as suicide of secretary of defense Forrestal with famous paranoid phrase “The Russians are coming” that could be epigraph for the movie. Lately famous corrupt politician McCain took strong anti-Russian stand in behalf of his foreign affair adviser who lobbing for Georgian gov...
Perplexity awakening of second hand progressives.
I like Chris Matthews as an intellectual, fast thinking, and broad educated person with waste inside experience in actual politics. His hardball show is relatively dynamic and informative. Enough with compliments de jour. Since summer of 2009 when it became painfully clear that newly elected democrat president will perform much worse compare to expectations the battle team of progressive anchors of night prime time in MSNBC begin to be uncomfortable nervous up to the point reaching state of madn...
Raymond Lotta or why stupid idiots ought to be out of religion and politics.
This day in April was marked for me of emotional reminiscent of other life in politically active environment of at first socialistic and then boiling out Russia at the fall of twenties century. At morning Tea Party express gather big crowd on Boston Common to see Sarah Palin via cameras with high zoom. The evening meeting was the nice cure against any nostalgia that could be buried in depths of my mystery Russian soul I have to deal to the end of my existence, then we will finally separated, I h...

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