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Tea party back to Boston.
Quite long time after original act of taxation disobedience in form of a food misuse in Boston harbor at 1773 other festivity takes place at Boston common. So named “Tea Party” movement held gathering main attraction of which was Sarah Palin, former vice president contender and controversial winker to all American.

Boston is a good city with friendly population and limited number of maniacs on politically ground. The weather at Arp.14 was spectacular just literally. The gathered about t...
Globohomo, the next turn of evolution.

Some of us with thin skin and excess of general education compare to financial security for some time feels that an image of world presented in mass media can be classified as surrealistic movie on the base of screenplay produced by special needs writer with only moral message that every good deed will be awarded by middle finger with sardonic laugh of killer on the grave of victim.

There are some examples:
People wanted thorough investigation about all events related to Se...

Personalize, Anyway?
An example is buying a set of fancy letter blocks, as opposed to ordinary ones. The fancier blocks will obviously be more expensive than the ordinary blocks. However, taking the extra time and effort to personalize those blocks will go over very well with both the parents and the child. Other great examples are books and audio CDs. You can have these items personalized with the child s name inscribed on the packaging. These are small but very thoughtful touches that mean a lot. Because of the im...
Religion for atheists.
Disclaimer: The material presented on this page could hurt feeling of true believers. Author is sincerely apologizing for any possible assault of anybody’s religion and asking to consider all this text as a sort of humor exercise. Better do not read it at all.

After two millennia’s of triumph of the Christian religion which has created a modern civilization, it is just a time to invent something not so silly, but not less useful.

Religions as public institute have ex...
Activity Tours in Iceland
Activities are as beautiful as the imagination, but the Middle-earth topography and ethereal subarctic light make an adventure of just breathing the Icelandic air.

Whether you visit Iceland to meet people or to get away from them, there’s ample scope for doing activities alone and in groups. We provide specialized activity tours depending upon your interest and requirement.

Iceland is a country where you can see and do things you can’t elsewhere. It’s hard to think of another ...
History as hard science in the contemporary Sci-Fi.
What would be, if somebody would invent submarine or fly to the Moon, if we could transfer sound and image to the distance? We, who born less then two centuries ago already know and custom to but writers until last century could only dream abut. Often their predictions materialized almost as a plan. The decent shelf of Jules Verne novels  includes at least invention per the novel. Typical story is developed from the Innovation - mad genius builds something very useful to irritate entire wor...
I am the perpetual dreamer.
I do not waiver in the starlight,
Go in any path that I decree,
I journey through the night,
While my thoughts and actions set me free.

And like a giant ball of cotton,
The dawn shines rotten,
The ordered infrastructure rises,
And it is anarchy that it despises.

This order sends me to my cage,
Knaws at my creative fever.
Yet I still remain the gracious sage,
For I am the eternal dreamer.
9/11 in a parallel universe – right wing conspiracy.
Described events have never happened in our world. Because all powerful people here are good, moral and faithful. Several cave living evils are our enemies. Good Will people will kill all of them some day and peace and prosperity will be established forever and ever. Amen!
What you can read here is about another universe. It exists in parallel to ours or probably not. Maybe it´s just fantasy of a loser like me to blame somebody else in my misery. Quite true it is. I am unemployed PhD, ...
Scam letters.

I receive such kind of emails repeatedly. There is one common feature of all of them - an offer of delirious, easy and big money. Tons of tons of bucks. Millions in most offers. Just to do something noble or not to much, to be honest with stranger and so on and you will be rewarded. In your dreams.

The scheme in most of these schemes are the same. You are helping to transfer big money from (how I can to express it better) somehow corrupt account to yours legitimate; th...

Locke Interpretations.
The only obligation that society has to each other as a result of the social contract is the obligation to justly protect each others´ negative right to property. All other obligations that members of a society have to follow are simply a means to that end. While no further obligations need to exist in society if the goal was to simply protect existing property, the ultimate goal of securing the ability to pursue property for every member requires additional social obligations. However, the...

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