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Natural selection of moral values.
Following to the concept of natural selection applying to the humanity one can state that moral principles of any existing society are not in antagonistic contradiction to its survival up to this point. A trivial criterion of good and evil is an existence of the object. Specifically to the moral values these that help an existing of society are good, these lead to distraction tendencies are bad. As simple as that. Boring. Exciting, as soon we will talk about any specific moral norm.

The city I would most like to live in.
A place of residence should always be chosen not on the beauty of the surroundings, not on the average income of the residents, not the crime rate, although that might factor in as well, but mostly on the people who occupy the city. If the attitude, street smarts, and the general makeup of the populace do come first and foremost, then Cambridge is the city to live in. Personally, Cambridge, otherwise known as the Peopleâ's Republic, is my favorite city in the United States. I have never lived th...
Geopolitics and American finance market.
If independent observer who is not loaded with any political affiliation takes a look at the chart of DOW for last decades he could just conclude that it grows fast. Exponentially and unstoppable fast.

Maybe on the long run it is. Maybe in more zoom in is not.

What is the correlation between party affiliation in White Hose and performance of DOW? Democrats obviously more market friendly than Republicans. Average DOW growth per year for Republican President is about 3...
Rights, not Virtues.
Virtue, by anyone’s standard, is a hard thing to obtain. Society usually either has virtues or it doesn’t. What virtues a society possesses, has nothing to do with whether it is a democracy. The general quality of people in a society and the virtues they possess is an extremely hard thing to qualify and control. The rules, laws, actions, and rights the government decides for its people are things much easier to control. Any society, to be a democracy, simply needs to give its citizens the option...
Putin and Russia.
Relations between Russia and the United States have drastically changed over the course of the century reflecting, in some way, the path of their internal development.
Russia had changed from monarchy, to communism, to superpower, to a newborn capitalist country trying to find its footing and identity, while the U.S. had stayed the course of free market, capitalism, and democracy over time. To understand current relations between the countries, recent history has to be considered to see the ...
Society features many different roles that some people identify with while others may disidentify with the same roles and behaviors. The reason for making one choice or the other varies and does not fall solely on the personal preference of a person but is instead dependent on many social factors. The status, conspicuousness, duration and hierarchy all play a role on whether a specific person identifies or is identified with that role. Overall, identification with a role is a very socially depen...
Autobiographical Accounts.
There are many socially created circumstances when a person may be called upon to present an autobiographical account. In these circumstances the autobiographical accounts presented are dictated by the social situation. The accounts are selective by nature, that is, they include only what the person giving them wants to say. Autobiographical accounts also function as regular accounts, since they are usually used to align with organizations, groups and other people. In general autobiographical ac...
A Fist in the Eye of God
I, personally, would never trust a guy in a suit who’s never given away a nickel in his life, but I don’t know if the world would be a better place if nobody did. Whether I trust Kingsolver’s logic depends a great deal on what I myself believe on several issues. At the start of the essay I was not sure of my stances on genetic engineering and globalization, but after a few readings and ponderings, I might have come to a conclusion. What the conclusion is and how I got there I will see by the end...
I remember arriving at Pulkovo Airport at six in the morning. My mother and I were the ones leaving, my aunt and grandmother were seeing us off, and my dad was already there, in America. I was nine years old. Growing up in Russia, making lots of friends, walking around town, and having a good time shaped me, as much as any nine year old could be shaped, into a person who would have no problem growing up in a Russian society.

By that point however, around seven on a dim September mornin...
Society’s Expectations And Individuality. Can the Two Coexist? (2)

Part 1
A poem by WH Auden, “Unknown Citizen” does well to show the negative effects of labels and certain assumptions that are made by society. The poem lists the characteristics of a seemingly average and stereotypical person. He is seemingly average because all of his census information is in no way extraordinary, and he shows no signs of stepping outside his bounds as a person, always acting and living the socially acceptable way. This quote is taken from the last five lines of the ...

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