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Society’s Expectations And Individuality. Can the Two Coexist?
Why don’t executives, during a board meeting, yell at the top of their lungs how stupid their boss is? Why doesn’t a mother steal food for her children so she could have money left to buy some things that cannot be stolen, like toys. Why can’t all pedestrians walk around Boston shirtless during those hundred humidity, hundred degree-e-days?s?
In every society, the individuals that compose that society are expected to follow certain principles. Every society follows the idea of a social cont...
The city is visible from here. The gleaming metallic infection upon the surrounding empty landscape could almost be seen to grow outwards, engulfing the desolate meadows, the abandoned suburbs and the wilting forests. The city line could not be missed, it was so clear, with the protective metal rooftops shining sunlight back towards David while everything outside the Line just ate up the light and consumed it for itself. It was especially visible at this time of the day, for even though the sun ...
My Two Options.
After a long summer in the dacha(my family's humble summer house in the St. Petersburg outskirts), a seemingly longer plane ride, and an extremely short night of sleep, I found myself standing in front of a classroom full of people whose faces I had never seen before. A few seconds earlier, my dad gave me a quick speech about courage and how this is the time to exercise it. I didn't understand why he said that, but before I even had the chance to consider it, he gave me a nudge and sent me throu...
Why ban on human cloning?
To get the real answer on the question about reasons of opposing to human cloning we have to figure out a consequences of it's free realization.
Let's at once throw out all artificial mental constructions involving respect to life in general, religious dogmas and others groundless "becauses". There are nevertheless completely rational reasons to be concerned of huge shaking up that could bring to society a human cloning.

What are the most lures for human cloning? The answer is that ...
What is time?
The best definition I have found on web is "time is the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past" It's very poetic and permits nice analogy with movie where one cadre follows others in equal intervals of time. Wait a moment. We are using for description of time a intervals of time. The subject can't be described from itself. Time cannot be defined other then from itself. A paradox these are legion when we a talking about time.

Does fut...
Best case scenario of the humanity future and how to enter there.
History of human civilization, as we witness it, presents a picture of the steady exponential expansion of any its key characteristic on the same paste practically tree hundreds years already. The optimistic point of view that trend can sustain itself indefinite long stands exclusively on the blindness. Nevertheless there are fundamental limits for population growth and energy consuming these is strongly correlated.

One can calculated the level of population earth could feed from reusab...
A calculation of the correct price of share.
Obviously nobody can predict a price of anything with 100% accuracy. For truth sake prices are not predictable even with 51% of trustworthy. Future is unpredictable in principle. It can be manipulated but not foreseen. This memo is about what is the reasonable mental procedure to calculate correct price of one share.

The formula is:

P = kr*d/I + (1- kr)* P-*(1+ΔP/P-)

where: P - price of share, d - projected dividend per one the share; I - best bank in...

General formula of terror.

Let's at first to perform some definitions:

Nall - number peoples in population;

Nw - number of workers necessary to cower all materials needs for whole population;

Nall= kw*Nw

kw - productivity coefficient measuring how many persons including himself can feed one worker.

ks - coefficient that determined how many peoples need to serve one worker to make him to feel nice:

Ns = ks*Nw

Number of unused po...

No trust to government version about World Trade Center 911 collapse.


Because of government arrogantly ignore public questions.

There are already big segment of Internet completely devoted to finding truth about events of Sep.11, 2001. Great massive of facts are collected. Big portion of them are in direct contradict with official claims.
What the reaction of the government? Silence. I don't trust the government.

There are several key points to illustrate what I am talking about:

There were very strange activitie...
Under curtain there are only two conflicting ideologies.
Ideology is a moral excuse to do what you want. What anybody wants? To have power to do whatever he wants. All ideologies is about struggle for power between… This is the answer. What groups of peoples are in fight for power and why?
Let's image a society when there are no aging, no kids, where nobody is changing forever. And plus no free space to expand. Absolute stable situation in sense of human material. In such kind of society all fights for the positions in hierarchy of power already ...

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