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Bye-bye democrats.
Year ago I registered as a democrat. Tomorrow I will vote for republican and have no plans to change party registration. I plan to make a difference in 2012 voting on democratic primaries for Kucinich if he will have a chance. I am looking forward to vote against President Obama in any occasion possible. I don’t like him anymore whatsoever. He can take his change back. I checked these pocket coins these have no value for me.

Tomorrow will be special election for senate seat of late Te...
Between grass and ass.
Once upon in Harvard Mika Brzezinski travel to sell her brand new book about everything in Brattle Theater at Friday Jan. 8, 2010.  Announcement was the same morning at “Morning Joe” and after simple research on internet and phone call to bookstore I figure out that my usual healthy walk from Spy Pond to Harvard Square will give me solid chance to add new political personalities met in life into memory. “There are plenty tickets” I was told by somebody from bookstore. Doors opens half hour in...
The Grand Juggling Game
Newton is a fitting place to be the region represented by Barney Frank, the person at the heart of the most important decision of any government of regulatory official. The decision to Barney Frank, and other like minded government officials is whether it is time to play their trump card in acquiring government funding at low rates. They likely know that a change back to mark to market accounting would have a very detrimental effect on the financial system, and as an effect, on the rest of the e...
Demystifying “Republican cabal”.
After stealing Election 2000 right wing mafia got country. It was optimistically joyfulness population out there. We have no inclination to kill anyone. We’d rather have fun about stupid “That my bush”. They need dark fear mood. They produce it by 9/11 attack, Iraq war, torture, lawlessness, aggressive stupidity.

All totalitarian regimes have the same aesthetics of military like government with not civil person in a head but Führer und Reichskanzler like Hitler or Commander in Chie...
The dead end of free market.
Less than two decades passes after spectacular failure of government planning socialistic economy in competition with free enterprise system. Global economy was established and flourishes until hit the wall of limits of growth.

There is mortal internal contradiction in natural development of key characteristics of society operating on its own. It can be proved like mathematical theorem that system as we know it is doomed to radical transformation.

Growth of population is limite...
From The Imperial Presidency to The Dumb Criminal.
The term Imperial Presidency is invented out of a naive concern that president of United States of America could grab too much power diminishing constitutional principles of checks and balances branches of government. Why such concern can be fairly described as naive? The reason is that there is nothing especially bad or dangerous in concentration of power if hands of on clever and sane human being. History gives us a gallery of Great Rulers who single handed move their peoples to jump big deal ...
Is a developing of shareware a new psycho syndrome?
I have being developing shareware several years already. I can proudly confess that I have sold more then twenty passwords. Really. I got more then two thousand dollars for them. Are you laughing? It means that you never were in shareware business. Most of shareware publishers got nothing at all whatsoever.

The idea under doing my own software was quite straightforward. Fact one. Software firms are existed. They are developing something and selling software products. I can do some usefu...
Best keeping secret about online business is that it\'s waste of time and money.
You are searching web to find out possibilities to make some extra money. Most likely bet that one time you will open the page with claim that the secret how to do decent money can be revealed to you for quite moderate price like 10 or 50 backs. Being very frustrated with previous experience you could buy the e-book or real book or membership or something else to do at last right move. What this secret information most possible will be about? That you can sell the secret how to make money on Int...
Under curtain there are only two conflicting ideologies.
Ideology is a moral excuse to do what you want. What anybody wants? To have power to do whatever he wants. All ideologies is about struggle for power between… This is the answer. What groups of peoples are in fight for power and why?
Let's image a society when there are no aging, no kids, where nobody is changing forever. And plus no free space to expand. Absolute stable situation in sense of human material. In such kind of society all fights for the positions in hierarchy of power already ...
No trust to government version about World Trade Center 911 collapse.


Because of government arrogantly ignore public questions.

There are already big segment of Internet completely devoted to finding truth about events of Sep.11, 2001. Great massive of facts are collected. Big portion of them are in direct contradict with official claims.
What the reaction of the government? Silence. I don't trust the government.

There are several key points to illustrate what I am talking about:

There were very strange activitie...

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