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A calculation of the correct price of share.
Obviously nobody can predict a price of anything with 100% accuracy. For truth sake prices are not predictable even with 51% of trustworthy. Future is unpredictable in principle. It can be manipulated but not foreseen. This memo is about what is the reasonable mental procedure to calculate correct price of one share.

The formula is:

P = kr*d/I + (1- kr)* P-*(1+ΔP/P-)

where: P - price of share, d - projected dividend per one the share; I - best bank in...

A curiosity stop at Paris at sentimental trip from Boston to Saint Petersburg.
Trivial life circumstances these are irrelevant for content of the story but clocklike defined time when I had to fly from my place in Boston to my place in Saint Petersburg, Russia in late October of 2014. Intercontinental air tickets are quite expensive even out off season so I tried to optimize the trip to see the place I as student French literature had read so much, Paris.

The master plan was to use time between connecting flights to see Paris, France to have several hours for walk...
A Fist in the Eye of God
I, personally, would never trust a guy in a suit who’s never given away a nickel in his life, but I don’t know if the world would be a better place if nobody did. Whether I trust Kingsolver’s logic depends a great deal on what I myself believe on several issues. At the start of the essay I was not sure of my stances on genetic engineering and globalization, but after a few readings and ponderings, I might have come to a conclusion. What the conclusion is and how I got there I will see by the end...
Activity Tours in Iceland
Activities are as beautiful as the imagination, but the Middle-earth topography and ethereal subarctic light make an adventure of just breathing the Icelandic air.

Whether you visit Iceland to meet people or to get away from them, there’s ample scope for doing activities alone and in groups. We provide specialized activity tours depending upon your interest and requirement.

Iceland is a country where you can see and do things you can’t elsewhere. It’s hard to think of another ...
American hustle movie makes me feel defrauded.
American hustle is my biggest mistake in choosing movie trip for family so far. I cannot say that it is bad movie, honestly and objectively. It obviously could find their fans among those selective few who are admiring “Casino”, “Blow”, “Traffic” or other bio-dull productions made for illogical reasons or tailored Oscar. I don’t know how best define this genre. Maybe it is the hoax of bored intellectuals like obamacare. One thins is clear for me. Creators of such so named art don’t care about my...
Autobiographical Accounts.
There are many socially created circumstances when a person may be called upon to present an autobiographical account. In these circumstances the autobiographical accounts presented are dictated by the social situation. The accounts are selective by nature, that is, they include only what the person giving them wants to say. Autobiographical accounts also function as regular accounts, since they are usually used to align with organizations, groups and other people. In general autobiographical ac...
Bad F student Obama.
In speech at the Associated Press Luncheon at Apr.3, 2012, President Obama offered most startled evidence of his complete ignorance in and to science: “This congressional Republican budget is something different altogether. It is a Trojan Horse. Disguised as deficit reduction plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It is thinly veiled social Darwinism.” Let’s compress this passage and get statement: “Republican budget is social Darwinism”. Really? F to you Mr...
Society features many different roles that some people identify with while others may disidentify with the same roles and behaviors. The reason for making one choice or the other varies and does not fall solely on the personal preference of a person but is instead dependent on many social factors. The status, conspicuousness, duration and hierarchy all play a role on whether a specific person identifies or is identified with that role. Overall, identification with a role is a very socially depen...
Best case scenario of the humanity future and how to enter there.
History of human civilization, as we witness it, presents a picture of the steady exponential expansion of any its key characteristic on the same paste practically tree hundreds years already. The optimistic point of view that trend can sustain itself indefinite long stands exclusively on the blindness. Nevertheless there are fundamental limits for population growth and energy consuming these is strongly correlated.

One can calculated the level of population earth could feed from reusab...
Best keeping secret about online business is that it\'s waste of time and money.
You are searching web to find out possibilities to make some extra money. Most likely bet that one time you will open the page with claim that the secret how to do decent money can be revealed to you for quite moderate price like 10 or 50 backs. Being very frustrated with previous experience you could buy the e-book or real book or membership or something else to do at last right move. What this secret information most possible will be about? That you can sell the secret how to make money on Int...

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