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Fantasy at egghead.


Doctor Shaw from Prometheus outsmarted and killed angry God.
“Prometheus” movie has unusual for Hollywood blockbusters solid science fiction plot that overweight impacts for public education on modern philosophical concepts these are entertained even better than best of such films like “Matrix”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “2012” and “Avatar” do.

The plot of “Prometheus” is providing one possible answer for the fundamental question of all questions – what is the origin of the humanity? Putting aside that movie itself more hints and provides ...
Difference between good and evil is glamour.
Russian anecdote:
Marsha is home. Coming Ivan, making love to her and going out. Marsha is home concerned with thought: maybe Ivan wanted to tell something?

“Hunger games” movie created the same impression: maybe I don’t understand a message that maybe was there? Actually there were tons of ideas I learned before. One person of extraordinary can make a difference - Superman, D'Artagnan, Gladiator, Napoleon and Simon Cowell. Love is stronger than death – Romeo and Juliette. Rules a...
Marginally timeless tragedy of broken dreams, at Wall Street now.
“Margin call” is a good movie. It could be even much better theater play…

The intrigue of the movie based on the events of financial collapse that took place around 2008. Plot compresses for dramatic effect several months or even years events happened inside narrow circle of financiers of Wall Street investment banks into 24 hour climax of fire sell of toxic papers. Careful observer can find real life prototypes for several key characters in movie. Demi Moore -Blythe Masters, inve...
The adjustment bureau for white noise.

“Kevin Lomax: Is this a test?
Pam: Isn't everything?”
The Devil's Advocate

Most irritating moments in waste majority of Hollywood movies are a final happy end. It is imminent as mediocrity by definition of average ticket buyer; it is so illogical that ought to be hard worked masked by great harmony of symphony orchestra and multi million smiles of celebratory human assets of BS industry. The adjustment bureau is not exemption. The black angel will bring good messa...
I am the perpetual dreamer.
I do not waiver in the starlight,
Go in any path that I decree,
I journey through the night,
While my thoughts and actions set me free.

And like a giant ball of cotton,
The dawn shines rotten,
The ordered infrastructure rises,
And it is anarchy that it despises.

This order sends me to my cage,
Knaws at my creative fever.
Yet I still remain the gracious sage,
For I am the eternal dreamer.
The city is visible from here. The gleaming metallic infection upon the surrounding empty landscape could almost be seen to grow outwards, engulfing the desolate meadows, the abandoned suburbs and the wilting forests. The city line could not be missed, it was so clear, with the protective metal rooftops shining sunlight back towards David while everything outside the Line just ate up the light and consumed it for itself. It was especially visible at this time of the day, for even though the sun ...