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Politics at egghead.


What it was with Trump victory? Salute to you Donald!
Let me be open from very start. Despite of the my strong, almost religious, belief that choice between Trump and Clinton at 2016 presidential elections was the vote for life or extinction of human race would Hillary prevailed I was not too optimistic at the early evening of November 8. My estimation of Trump chances was three times higher than most of pundits, about 30 % toward 10% of common “wisdom”. I was swayed by cacophonies of pro-Clinton polls as most of us. But! He won!

The theo...
Clinton’s campaign slogan – ‘stronger together’ is shy translation of fascist’s ‘strength through unity’.
There is no surprise that in hilarious Hillary Clinton campaign slogan “stronger together” is direct derivative from fascist: “strength through unity’. Is this a blunder and if so how such gaffe could happen?
It was unintentional reverence toward Mussolini, founder and ideologist of fascism, maybe. An article How 'Stronger Together' Became Clinton's Response To 'Make America Great Again' presents long and thoughtful process to find slogan adverse to Trump’s one. They was just too ignorant a...
CNN – Clinton Notorious Network of disgusting voice of corruption.
The Presidential election of 2016 in USA supposed to be boring save choice between representatives of the same Family. Yes it is allusion to Mafia. Yes, it is direct accusation of Clinton-Bush clan to have all features of Global Criminal Initiative.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex more than half century ago in his farewell address to the Nation. It was the prophecy of na&...
Trump in Politland.
Politland is a habitat of politicians. Politicians are creatures who look like humans but obviously are not. Some of them are born by woman and evolve into monsters others and most of them are evil aliens from other planet deemed to destroy humanity. Maybe it is slight exaggeration. I am not sure. Maybe none of them ever was human. Whatever.

Politicians are occupied in creating laws for rest of us and patrolling our obedience. They trick us into accepting their mastership by invent...
Trump versus Spectre.
Art is reflection of reality. It is truism. There is nothing but reality. All fantasies are inspired by reality and fantasies are reality too as soon they exist. The fun part starts when fantasy stories are becoming more believable than informational flow from main stream media sources.

Action movies about spy supermen James Bond need to have a plot to explore. The Hero must have archenemy to show himself in most attractive light in contrast with forces at dark side of humanity. ...
Language hookers.

“Speech was given to man to conceal his thoughts”. Talleyrand, born Feb. 13, 1754.

There is nothing new under the moon. Manipulation with the most distinct attribute of the human race is nothing but standard procedure of leaders and wannabes. It is also the eternal source for frustration educated folks who found themselves in the position of continues devaluations of their knowledge base. We can argue that those, so named educated parts of population, are in fact book ner...
Nonsensical rant of Hillary Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.
June 13, 2015 Hillary aka Clinton threw a long nonsensical rant acting as if champion stand up comedian.

She said I don't get It is wonderful to be here with all of you. Exaggeration.This statement could fit only porn stars specialized in non-stop marathon. To be in New York with my family, with so many friends, including many New Yorkers who gave me the honor of serving them in the Senate for eight ...
Useless elections.
Morning after presidential elections of 2012 the dominant feeling about them can be formulated with one word – useless. Useless political system, useless parties, useless president, useless, stupid and shortsighted we the people who cannot see beyond obese belly.

White aristocracy are so addicted to slave labor that they were ready to give up country in order avoid to do not noble work themselves. It started with indentured servitude of early colonies, showed ugly face in African slaver...
Bad F student Obama.
In speech at the Associated Press Luncheon at Apr.3, 2012, President Obama offered most startled evidence of his complete ignorance in and to science: “This congressional Republican budget is something different altogether. It is a Trojan Horse. Disguised as deficit reduction plans, it is really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country. It is thinly veiled social Darwinism.” Let’s compress this passage and get statement: “Republican budget is social Darwinism”. Really? F to you Mr...
Romney democrat votes for him over Obama at SuperTuesday primaries in Massachusetts.
I am democrat. I admire Bill Clinton and shame for George Bush was my President.

I agree with democrats with social issues because I believe that most treat to civilization presents explosive growth of population. Democrats are embracing abortion, contraception, homosexual marriage, college education, environmental protection over business expansion and more tolerant to ideas of legalization of drugs and prostitution. All these positions are the best and most diet way to limit family s...

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