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Send Fine Quality Rakhi to Dear Brother on the Special Day of Raksha Bandhan

Fests that any of us rejoice in The indian subcontinent have a new faith based together with interpersonal communication. That's why we are the united states together with maximum numbers of fairs in addition to fairs. No month near your vicinity will be left without any event or its party. On the thirty day period associated with August you will find there's special event of really like and also health care that is certainly such as Raksha Bandhan.

It can be almost certainly ...
Cultural revolution as premonition of progress to extinction.
Lately, as if from nowhere, an institution of marriage that for centuries was an instrument of procreation next generation in civilized society by proclamation of Supreme Court becomes to be liberal union for love of two persons of not consequential sex. The decision followed by admitting an unconditional right of woman to rid off any part of her body including almost formed into baby fetus that is a factor in decreasing of birth rate as well. A relaxation in drugs consumption and mass demonstra...
Occupy Wall Street kids come to Boston.
At Saturday our banal family promenade from South Station Boston back to Arlington began with encounter of festivity at Purchase Street that former place of Green Monster where small crowd of young people camping affront of Federal Reserve Bank. Slogans and thoughts do not dominate event. My mind reading tool indicated mix of fear, confusion and intuitive feeling of self-righteousness. Kids obviously have no clue how Wall Street sharks eat them alive but they feel the pain.

It is...
Raymond Lotta or why stupid idiots ought to be out of religion and politics.
This day in April was marked for me of emotional reminiscent of other life in politically active environment of at first socialistic and then boiling out Russia at the fall of twenties century. At morning Tea Party express gather big crowd on Boston Common to see Sarah Palin via cameras with high zoom. The evening meeting was the nice cure against any nostalgia that could be buried in depths of my mystery Russian soul I have to deal to the end of my existence, then we will finally separated, I h...
Locke Interpretations.
The only obligation that society has to each other as a result of the social contract is the obligation to justly protect each others´ negative right to property. All other obligations that members of a society have to follow are simply a means to that end. While no further obligations need to exist in society if the goal was to simply protect existing property, the ultimate goal of securing the ability to pursue property for every member requires additional social obligations. However, the...
A Fist in the Eye of God
I, personally, would never trust a guy in a suit who’s never given away a nickel in his life, but I don’t know if the world would be a better place if nobody did. Whether I trust Kingsolver’s logic depends a great deal on what I myself believe on several issues. At the start of the essay I was not sure of my stances on genetic engineering and globalization, but after a few readings and ponderings, I might have come to a conclusion. What the conclusion is and how I got there I will see by the end...
Society’s Expectations And Individuality. Can the Two Coexist? (2)

Part 1
A poem by WH Auden, “Unknown Citizen” does well to show the negative effects of labels and certain assumptions that are made by society. The poem lists the characteristics of a seemingly average and stereotypical person. He is seemingly average because all of his census information is in no way extraordinary, and he shows no signs of stepping outside his bounds as a person, always acting and living the socially acceptable way. This quote is taken from the last five lines of the ...
Society’s Expectations And Individuality. Can the Two Coexist?
Why don’t executives, during a board meeting, yell at the top of their lungs how stupid their boss is? Why doesn’t a mother steal food for her children so she could have money left to buy some things that cannot be stolen, like toys. Why can’t all pedestrians walk around Boston shirtless during those hundred humidity, hundred degree-e-days?s?
In every society, the individuals that compose that society are expected to follow certain principles. Every society follows the idea of a social cont...
Best case scenario of the humanity future and how to enter there.
History of human civilization, as we witness it, presents a picture of the steady exponential expansion of any its key characteristic on the same paste practically tree hundreds years already. The optimistic point of view that trend can sustain itself indefinite long stands exclusively on the blindness. Nevertheless there are fundamental limits for population growth and energy consuming these is strongly correlated.

One can calculated the level of population earth could feed from reusab...
General formula of terror.

Let's at first to perform some definitions:

Nall - number peoples in population;

Nw - number of workers necessary to cower all materials needs for whole population;

Nall= kw*Nw

kw - productivity coefficient measuring how many persons including himself can feed one worker.

ks - coefficient that determined how many peoples need to serve one worker to make him to feel nice:

Ns = ks*Nw

Number of unused po...

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