Terms and conditions for use of "Expert database” at LeoKrut:

General notes:

Expert database at LeoKrut is a place for experts in the intellectual sphere and business enterprises in need of their service to meet. Possible activities include achieving contract assignment for phone or e-mail consultation, creative writing, translation, offer or solicitation of expert opinion, and advertisement of scientific research competition of the proposals for and other projects alike. We can permit paid publication of open permanent position for high-end professional in case of a very specific description of the position.

We do not control the content of advertisement as long as it is follow rules outlined on our site. What we will not do is ask for diplomas and certificates; we also won't question scientific foundation of paid publications. We believe that the law of free market is the best regulator of decency and reputation of participants. We could expose complains and disputes about qualification of the experts as well accuracy of project advertisement with the promise of utmost courtesy and delicacy.

There are four basic services provided: free publication of expert skill, sale of contact information of expert published for free, paid publication of expert skill, paid publication of the project. Paid facultative services could be provided additionally.

Free publication.

We accept publications of the expert skill from anyone free of charge. The catch is that we do not permit the publication of contact information. Instead we will sell your contact e-mail to interested businesses.

After submitting free publication to our database, we will send you automatic e-mail with information about your publication including a password for deletion and a url address to confirm the contact e-mail. Upon receiving confirmation of contact address your publication will we subject to approval. Reasons for rejecting free publication could be various. We in general do not accept publications promoting sex, gambling, violence. We could also reject obviously misleading content utilizing our best judgment.

Selling contact e-mail.

We sell contact e-mail for free publications. The only guarantee we give to buyer is that this particular e-mail was submitted and active at time of publication. We give no guarantee about accuracy of information provided at publication. In case of dissatisfaction of the service we could ban this particular e-mail and/or expose complains and conflict at our forum. We do not accept any monetary responsibility for absence, unavailability, or harm occurring due to the actions of the advertiser.

Paid publications.

Both paid publication of expert skills and solicitation expert proposals for the project should include contact information. One can consider them as a regular paid advertisement. As a rule we will not check content of paid publications for accuracy but we are reserve the right to reject without refund any publication that contains explicitly forbidden by us materials or demonstrated obvious evidences of criminal intent.

Forbidden content.

The following content is considered strictly prohibited at "Expert database”: obvious and explicit promotion of sexual, gambling or criminal service. We also prohibit any statement concerning proprietary rights or confidentiality for the published content, considering these statements absurd by nature of action and provocative as well. Paid publication with such content can be removed without refund. We prohibit intentionally vague description of the project. Enforcement of these restrictions will be done in expedite matter upon discovery.

In case we feel that publication is compromising the reputation of our service, even if we will have no clear evidence of any violation of our rules, we reserve the right to reject this publication with full refund without explanation.

We prohibit the intentional practice of repeated posting of analogous or similar content and reserve the right to delete such posts and ban the e-mail associated with such publications. In case of innocent mistakes, we will work with publishers to resolve the situation to mutual satisfaction.


We do not guaranty privacy of posted information. We consider all published content as intended for public domain. No statements about proprietary and or confidence rights of published information are allowed.

We will protect within limits established by law, any information obtaining by us via payment procedure.

Termination of the publication.

Deletion of the advertisement can be done by user at will. Just fill up and submit the form at the delete page. Note that you will need registration information that will be send you upon publication including the password.

We reserve the right to delete any free publications without explanation. Paid publications can be deleted without refund and explanation in case of clear violation of content limitations.

Electronic signature.

By marking "Agree" check box in submitting form user effectively signs these terms.

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