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Rules of LeoKrut guestbook.

 There are not too many hard rules to post messages at guestbook of LeoKrut:

  • It's free.
  • Moderator has not too much time and energy to keep eyes on all postings. If you find anything inappropriate - send e-mail.
  • Moderator has a right to delete or edit any postings. Because he can. If you have problems with it - go away.
  • HTML is allowed until no abuse.
  • In general it is adult site but we are not appreciate over the line sexual content. No porno please. As well a promotion of gambling and other scam schemes are not welcomed.
  • One can sometime post a link to his affiliate page and in general this event could pass free. But most possible it will be cleaned someday.
  • What is OK? Everything you could be proud to tell your relatives at the dinner table. Polite, creative, non trivial, helpful, interesting. Witty language could be excuse for almost anything.
  • There are several identically organized forums devoted to various aspects of reality or better to say to our misunderstanding of it. It was the thought that different topics will crystallize around themselves peoples with similar interests. Maybe they will, maybe not. As soon it was very small work to multiply general forum we decide to give a try to the idea. Please be advised that no harm will do to discuss religion at science forum. We are very tolerable and broad minded.
  • All copyright for all content are belong to LeoKrut. In limits of the current laws whatever they say. Just for common understanding sake let's presume that you have published some anecdote or at least a novel under abstract alias. We will use it at will. Don't do it if you don't like what you are doing. Golden rule of public relations. There is no reason to make yourself sad. Others will be happy to use all their power to make you to. Just let them and save energy.
  • Some people are not welcome to use this forum. They know who they are. If you don't know that you are among them - it means that you are welcome.
  • Other rules could be invented and added postfactum to support any of our actions or leak of them. What we can do because we can maybe we will. Indeed.

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