Instructions to authors at LeoKrut Album

Album at LeoKrut as a rule accepts for the publications only pictures of authors with direct connections to LeoKrut management.

It could be the case that an outside of narrow circle of LeoKrut associates a photo-artist author could have the feeling that this album will be good platform for him or her to present his or her copyrighted pictures to public and potential customers to buy license for nontransferable and nonexclusive usage of these pictures via LeoKrut Album platform. We offer to such artist to contact us at first with asking to make paid review of his or her work:

    Author's contact email:

Fee to review one picture is $9.95 (USD).

Review of one picture will be about one or two paragraph long and contain subjective opinion of the LeoKrut associate delivered to author contact email in short time after receiving the picture.

The responsibility of the presenting the image for review is on author and has to be done via e-mail to LeoKrut:' as attachment or link to location at web.

The payment for review do not constitute any obligations for LeoKrut to publish the image at album at LeoKrut.

The publication of the picture of outside authors at LeoKrut album can be done after positive paid review described above and on the base separate and confidential agreement that will include processing fee and profit sharing. No self-publications are allowed.

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