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Conditions for purchase of license to use the image: 'Waterfront of San Francisco' with id: '20160227081502'

Waterfront of San Francisco
Properties of original image file:
name: HPIM1082.JPG
type: image/jpeg
size: 1407160
dimensions: 2304 x 1728
author: Marina Sakharova
price of licence: $4.95 (USD)

    Contact email:

By paying for the license customer is agreeing with following condition of the purchase:

  1. After approving the purchase of the license for the original image LeoKrut will deliver it as attachment or direct web-link to the original image file via Contact email, provided by customer, or refund money if by some reason it will be proven to be technically impossible.
  2. In case of significant delay of the respond from LeoKrut customer is encouraged to contact for the enquiry.
  3. The time period of the finalizing of the purchase of the license is as soon as it is reasonable possible. Without taking on itself hard obligations LeoKrut will try to response no later than in one business day with probable exclusion of vacation time.
  4. The license of usage the image is nonexclusive that means that exact the same license can be sold to unlimited number of customers.
  5. The license of usage the image is nontransferable that means that customer cannot resell this license to anybody else.
  6. The customer takes obligation to keep confidential condition of the purchase; foremost the price that can be changed by LeoKrut at will after purchase.
  7. The customer is permitted unlimited usage of the image in modified or not modified form in copyrighted materials belonged to the customer or for personal usage except for any illegal actions against any applicable law. An appearance of the image in copyright marked materials not belonged to legally purchased a license customers is not permitted and considered as a breach of copyright law.
  8. In case of selling copyright of the materials in form of book, calendar, video or other materials of such nature these are containing the image with purchased license the customer is under obligation to contact LeoKrut for discussion of royalty payment to LeoKrut. An amount of the royalty payment will depend on the significance of the image usage in selling materials and will not exceed 10% of the sell.
  9. The license purchase is not constitute for customer obtaining copyright for the image that will stay sole property of LeoKrut.


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