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Auto loan calculators + software application by Bent Tree Software about interest, loans, program, calculator, automobile and more.
Version: 1.2 Release: 03/06/2008 OS: Win2000,Win98,WinOther,WinVista,WinXP Type: Shareware Size: 1229 kB Price: $12.00
Keywords: Personal Finance, Mortgage, loan, amortization, compare loans, software, shareware, auto loan
Program Description: AUTO LOAN CALCULATORS
Confused by all the \"hype\" about rebates, low interest loans, or
\"Rule of 78\" versus simple interest loans?
This program is a group of auto loan calculators. This program includes most of the current types of financing available for automobile loans. Included are: a simple interest loan calculator; a Rule of 78 loan calculator; a comparison of the two; and a program that can evaluate the \"best deal\" on rebates versus low-interest, short-term loans, as well as the use of a home equity loan for interest deductions to reduce your taxes.
Printouts are professional looking and may be used by vehicle purchasers to negotiate with dealers in order to obtain the best trade or purchase as well as to acquire the most advantageous loan rate and type. It also would be useful for a dealership to help a purchaser
to make the right \"deal\".
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