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Occupational Safety: Medical checkups software application by LLC \"Inform Center\" about medical, examinations, occupational, checkups and more.
Version: Release: 04/12/2012 OS: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win2000,Windows2000,Windows2003,Wi Type: Demo Size: 2972 kB Price: $0.00
Keywords: program, configuration, health and safety, medical examinations, physical examinations, order 302n, 1C, 1C:Enterprise 8
The software product \"Occupational Safety: Medical checkups\" is applied to the solution of 1C:Enterprise 8.2. and is designed:
- To automate the process of compiling documentation required during medical examinations by order of 302n on April 12, 2011
- In collaboration service labor and personnel department while working with the staff before and after the medical examinations

- Formation of a list of contingent
- Creating a list of persons for medical examinations
- Formation of the schedule check-ups
- Calculate the cost of medical examinations
- Maintain health passports
- Ability to keep records of several organizations
- Ability to download data from the SPP and the SCP via COM-connection
- Ability to load data from XML, spreadsheet documents
- Ability to perform different types of medical examinations and storage of results
- Storing information about the limitations and diseases of individuals
- Storage of normative documents in the database, and in the specified directory
- Work in multiuser mode

It supports check-ups
- Preview. Performed at admission officer to work
- Every shift. Conducted before the release of staff to replace or in flight
- Periodic. Carried out according to the frequency depends on the list of hazards and the types of work. Persons under 21 old should undergo medical check-up every year
- Extraordinary (by the employer). Is an initiative of the employer, if there is a suspicion of ill-health worker
- Extraordinary (by the employee). Performed by the employee, a complaint to the deterioration of health
- In-depth. Carried out in consultation with the social insurance for professionals in hazardous and dangerous factors
- Mental health. Held once every 5 years for all employees working in harmful and dangerous factors
- Additional tests. Held at the conclusion of the medical commission

The program interface is in Russian only
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