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Mortgages + software application by Bent Tree Software about mortgage, program, compendium, interest and more.
Version: 1.2 Release: 03/10/2008 OS: Win98,WinOther,WinVista,WinXP,Other Type: Shareware Size: 1353 kB Price: $44.00
Keywords: Personal Finance, Mortgage, loan, amortization, compare loans, software, shareware,added payment
Program Description: This program is a compendium of 8
mortgage type programs.They include:
1. Addedpmt.EXE - A program illustrating the effect of
additional payments for reducing interest
paid and the term of a loan.
2. Balloon.EXE - A program that explores the use of this
type mortgage.
3. Biweekly.EXE - This program calculates and displays the
reduced loan period with this type
4. 1530mtge.EXE - A program that displays and lists the
advantages and pitfalls of using this
type of financing.
5. Loanamor.EXE - This program is a standard amortization
schedule which displays annual interest
paid for your use at tax time. It Can
also be used for any simple interest
loan with multiple payment periods.
6. Maxmtge.EXE - A mortgage qualifier for either a fixed-
rate or variable-rate mortgage. It shows
how large a mortgage you qualify for.
7. Refinanc.EXE - This program demonstrates advantages
to refinancing your existing mortgage.
Conditions under which you should
consider refinancing are presented.
8. Varimtge.EXE - You can use this program to either
investigate or track a variable-rate
mortgage or to project the payout of
this type mortgage.
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