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Personal Finances + software application by Bent Tree Software about program, personal, compendium, monthly and more.
Version: 1.2 Release: 03/10/2008 OS: Win98,WinOther,WinVista,WinXP,Other Type: Shareware Size: 1326 kB Price: $44.00
Keywords: Personal Finance, aoto loan, pension, retirement, retire, portfolio, stock, financial statement,software, shareware
Program Description: This program is a compendium of 8
personal finance type programs. They include:
1. Anpenpay.EXE - This program demonstrates the length of time
an annuity or a pension payout will last
conditioned on the amount of monthly payments
to you and the interest that will be earned
on the balance.
2. Autoloan.EXE - These calculators may be used to compare loan
types, proposed \"deals\" and periods of
financing as well as the effects of various
interest rates.
3. Finastmt.EXE - This is a standard personal financial
statement that is widely accepted in by
banking and mortgage lender institutions.
4. Growmony.EXE - You may be overwhelmed by this time-value
of money invested analysis.
5. Porteval.EXE - Track your investments in stocks, bonds,
or mutual funds with this program.
6. Portfund.EXE - This program gives you a place to input
the financial data for a given stock so that
you might better forecast its performance.
7. Retirinv.EXE - You can calculate the amount of money you
need to be investing monthly to provide a
monthly withdrawal supplemented by Social
Security, pensions, annuities or other
income sources.
8. Savpengr.EXE - This program will calculate a complete
annuitization schedule for regular deposits
over a duration of up to 40 years.
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