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Refinance It ? software application by Bent Tree Software about program, refinancing, mortgage, refinance and more.
Version: 1.2 Release: 03/10/2008 OS: Win98,WinOther,WinVista,WinXP,Other Type: Shareware Size: 1201 kB Price: $12.00
Keywords: Personal Finance, Mortgage, loan, amortization, compare loans, refinance, software, shareware
Program Description: REFINANCE IT ?
This program is a mortgage refinancing evaluation. When current mortgage interest rates are 2 or more percentage points below your existing rate, it may be advisable to refinance your existing mortgage. This analysis shows whether it is to your advantage to refinance depending on the number of years you expect to live in your present home, the interest rate spread, closing costs and your tax bracket. Printouts are professional looking and may be used by financial planners as the program contains a \"prepared by:\" area. The program may also be useful to mortgage lenders to assist a client in the making a decision about refinancing. For the homeowner, the program quickly shows them if there is any advantage to refinancing.
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