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Effective Checklist software application by EffectiveAspects.com about printing, notes, dialog, information, sticky and more.
Version: 1.0 Release: 05/10/2011 OS: Windows2000,Windows XP,Windows2003,Windows Vista,Windows 7 Type: Shareware Size: 3782 kB Price: $20.95
Keywords: effective aspects, effective checklist, tasks,information,grid,customize,Modifying,enhanced,data,rich text,notes,pop-up reminder
# You can quickly and easily enter new tasks. The information is shown in a grid that customizes itself against the size of the screen. # Modifying these via an enhanced dialog also allows more data to be entered, such as rich text notes. # You can set pop-up reminders against any task. These can then be turned into sticky notes. # A new printing dialog means printing is now so much more customizable and easier to change. No wasted paper.

Various fields to use.

Information entered into the dialog here is then saved to the main database. This then can be seen in the main screen (above).
The data here comprises of details data and time as well as status and priority.
The alarm has preview time and also ability to open programs or files or just simply play an audio file on pop-up.
The sticky note can be set to be viewed within certain dates. The notes color can also be changed.


Printing in this program has been made a whole lot easier. Now just one dialog opens to see the preview page. From here you can change the orientation and header and footer etc. The result of changing is instantaneous, so less room for errors in printing.
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