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Radius Manager software application by DMA Softlab LLC about radius, manager, billing, chillispot, solution and more.
Version: 3.6.1 Release: 05/06/2009 OS: Unix,Linux,Linux Console Type: Commercial Size: 488 kB Price: $99.00
Keywords: radius,mikrotik,cisco,staros,chillispot,dialup,billing,web,frontend,hotspot,wlan,software,admin,user,management,accounting,wirel
Radius Manager is an easy to use user administration and billing solution for Mikrotik, Cisco, StarOS and ChilliSpot systems. It can be used with wireless, dialup and cable systems. Radius Manager suports traffic limitation, bandwidth shaping, uptime limitation, date expiration, prepaid and postpaid accounts. Automatic disconnection feature is available for expired accounts for all supported NAS types. The system includes Unix mailbox synchronization facility to create email accounts together with RADIUS users. It has a separate control panel for administrators and for regular users. Pro version includes an integrated prepaid card generator. Billing module creates invoices for both postpaid and prepaid users. Paypal and CC payment methods are supported. TCP/UDP connection logger module is available in CTS version.
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