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MMSThePicture software application by Diginaut Ltd. about mmsthepicture, picture, process, capture and more.
Version: 1.0.0 Release: 03/04/2005 OS: Symbian Type: Shareware Size: 27 kB Price: $9.95
Keywords: mms,send,photo,fast,assign,key,picture,snap,new,hot
With MMSThePicture, application for Symbian powered mobile phones, process of preparing and sending MMS with captured photo becomes easier than ever. Simple assign a friend telephone number to one phone key and with just ONE click on this key MMSThePicture will capture picture and send it to your friend with MMS.
Further more, you can assign up to 15 contacts to just one phone key and send your captured photos to 15 contacts at once - with just one push of a button.
Other options that make this process even more enjoyable are
? Auto send (on/off)
? Text with MMS (on/off)
? Image Quality (Low/High)
? Format: (160X120 or 640X480)
With MMSThePicture you could send photos to the mobile devices that have lower resolution than yours. Just set quality and format and MMSThePicture will do the rest.
On parties, celebrations, fancy places, on the street MMSThePicture will do job for you, just share free what you see and feel with others
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