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Phone Alert software application by Tekware about phone, visual, notifier, ringing, alert and more.
Version: 1.6 Release: 01/12/2009 OS: Win98,WinVista,WinXP Type: Shareware Size: 124 kB Price: $24.99
Keywords: phone, phone call, call, notify, phone alert, phone answerer, deaf, deaf aid, notifier
This visual phone notifier is for use with dial up modem.This program will alert you with 2 large visual cues to notify you that your phone is ringing. It will flash for each ring so you know how many times the phone is ringing and will stop flashing when the ringing stops.Comes with 5 different ring tones which can played if desired. Can also be set to play a video from your computer or a web page when the phone rings.
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