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PhotoSpy! software application by Diginaut Ltd. about photospy, surveillance, mobile, camera and more.
Version: 1.5.0 Release: 02/23/2005 OS: Symbian Type: Shareware Size: 36 kB Price: $12.95
Keywords: spy, surveillance,camera,photo,snap,great,best,hot,new,application
Your mobile can be Spy camera. You don\'t need extra expensive hardware, secret agent equipment, or black market, illegal toys. All you need is PhotoSpy, special designed software that turn your mobile phone into real surveillance camera.
With several options you can easy define exactly what you need like:
? Sensibility level
? Memory: Telephone or Card
? Picture quality: High/Low
? Sample Rate
? Activation time
? Picture numbers
Possibilities of usage are endless like your imagination. Take care about your Property, your kids, wife, Employees, everything that you want to take control over
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