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Alvas.Audio - Allows .Net developers to create applications that play, record, convert sound..
VbsEdit - VBScript editor that dramatically reduces the time you spend writing VBS scripts.
DAC for MySQL - Delphi/C++Builder component suite for direct access to MySQL..
PostgresDAC - PostgreSQL BDE replacement for Borland Delphi/C++Builder..
WinCHM - help authoring softwa - CHM creator, CHM editor, Help file, Help you create help file easily..
Active TTS Component - convert text to mp3, wav, wma, ogg on the fly with SAPI4/5 voices in your app..
Query@Work - Execute the same SQL query across multiple ODBC databases..
AidAim Single File System - Stores files/folders in one OS file. Flexible compression. Strong encryption..
PowerCHM 2012 - Create your CHM file from .html, .mht, .txt, .doc and .docx with PowerCHM..
HS TFTP C Source Library - HS TFTP C Source Library (Trivial File Transfer Protocol).
FastScript - Cross-platform multi-language (VB, JS, Pascal and C++) scripting engine.
PCLTool SDK 32bit - PCLTool SDK can convert, index, split, edit, view and extract text from HP PCL.
InstallAware Express MSI Insta - MSI Builder for IIS, SQL, Web Updates, x64, Windows 8, DIFx Driver Installs.
DzSoft Perl Editor - Classic and powerful Perl CGI scripts editor with interated debugging features.
PDF Creator Pilot - Library for reading, creating and rasterizing PDF from VB, ASP, Delphi, VC++.
ShellBrowser Components Delphi - Visual Windows Shell components allow you to build Explorer like applications.
Multi-Edit 2008 - IDE, supporting 50+ languages, with file compare and code beautifying support..
FastReport - Report generator with visual designer, dialog forms and 4 scripting languages.
Spices.Net Suite - Set of tools to protect, obfuscate, tamper defense, recover, convert, optimize.
dotNet Protector Win32 - dotNet Protector is a powerful .NET code protection system..
.netshrink - Executable compressor and DLL binder for .NET applications.
InstallAware Studio Admin Inst - Remote Install Builder, Fastest Customize MSI for Windows Installers.
InstallAware Developer for Win - Create Installation Wizard Based MSI Setups with Easy MSIcode Scripting.
FlexCell Grid Control - FlexCell is a flexible and easy to use grid control..
InstallAware Studio for Window - Build Windows Installer MSI Setups with Fully Customized User Interfaces.
Bug Tracker Deluxe - Bug management software for software developers..
GridinSoft Notepad - Provide the functionality to satisfy the most demanding text editing requirement.
MetaReport Developer Kit - MetaReport Developer Kit - report designer and redistributable ActiveX..
Licence Protector - Copy Protection, Demo and time limited version, Network license.
PADexpress - submit your software pad file to 100+ sites..
Herbal Breast Enhancement - .
Limnor Codeless Programming Sy - generic-purpose codeless programming system.
EditPad Pro - convenient, powerful and flexible text editor.
HLP to RTF Converter - it allows you to convert hlp to rtf easily..
CHM to HTML Converter - it allows you to convert chm files to html..
Advanced Virtual COM Port - create virtual com ports..
Expert Debugger - debugger for php. you can run scripts in step-by-step mode and to trace values..
HelpScribble - full-featured help authoring tool..
BugLister - small, simple and fast bug tracking utility..
CNC Syntax Editor - well-designed cnc specific program editor..
Virtual Null Modem - emulate null-modem connection..
Free Serial Port Monitor - .
WinID - compact spy++ equivalent w/visual interface..
PE Explorer - exe and dll file editor & win32 disassembler.
QVCS-Enterprise - affordable version control for remote teams..
QVCS - qvcs is an affordable version control system.
QVCS-Pro - qvcs is an affordable version control system.
X360 Outlook Express ActiveX O - activex,ocx,email ,message, outlook express.
VBA Code Compare - compare vb code embedded into a vba project.
ShellBrowser Components Active - .
novaPDF SDK - add pdf creation support in your application..
VISCOM Image PDF Thumbnail Act - fast tif pdf image thumbnail.
Voice Insert ActiveX SDK - .
x360soft - Ftp Client ActiveX - activex,ocx,upload,download,ftp server client.
X360 Video Player ActiveX OCX - mp4 video activex,3gp,avi,mov,rm,wmv,.net,web.
ShComboBox ActiveX Control - add a drive selection combobox.
ASTC - astc is a trayicon,traylist, balloon,subclass.
FileView ActiveX Control - add explorer-like browsing functionality.
GOGO Exif Image Viewer ActiveX - exif,tiff,gps tags image viewer activex ocx.
Hide My Folders ActiveX - make your application folders invisible..
Chilkat Spider ActiveX - web spider activex component.
Advanced Script Host - .
SSHBlackbox (.NET) - ssh (secure shell) components for .net.
SFTPBlackbox .NET - secure ftp components for .net.
SSLBlackbox (.NET) - .net component for secure zip manipulation.
OpenPGPBlackbox (.NET) - managed components for pgp support in .net.
FolderView ActiveX Control - brings explorer functionality to your app..
Pro Tow XTR - pro tow rated #1 towing software.
MetaLib - sdk for reading&writing metastock files..
Resource Tuner Console - a script driven command-line resource editor..
x360soft - Video Converter Act - video activex to split, merge, convert to avi.
CASH Interface Software - coin and bill acceptor interface for pc.
Shell MegaPack ActiveX - shell megapack gui explorer shell controls..
X360 Image Viewer ActiveX OCX - imaging activex view bmp,gif,jpeg,png,tiff.
X360 Video Converter ActiveX O - video activex to split, merge, convert to avi.
GOGO Picture Viewer ActiveX OC - activex,ocx,view images,bmp,gif,jpeg,png,tiff.
PHP Expert Editor - editor for php, perl, python, java script etc.
Resource Tuner - resource editor to change icons in programs..
RetroGuard - retroguard is a java bytecode obfuscator..
Outlook Security Manager - one-line tool to disable outlook security..
Add-in Express 2007 for .NET - build all types of office extensions in .net.
FlyGrid.Net - fast, flexible and affordable .net datagrid.
X360 Video Player ActiveX OCX - mp4 video activex,3gp,avi,mov,rm,wmv,.net,web.
pgEdit - .
Lingobit Localizer - software localization for .net, mfc, delphi.
Pro Repo ACV - pro repo the original repossession software.
DayView OCX - daily appointment view activex.
Blue Ink - a rapid application development software tool.
Eym Barcode Reader OCX - locates and decodes 1d barcodes from images.
Instrumentation .Net Package - .net hmi instrumentation components.
Absolute Color Picker ActiveX - absolute color picker activex control.
Virtual Serial Port ActiveX CE - activex for windowsce serial port emulation.
VISCOM Video Capture FLV MP4 S - video capture sdk ocx activex flv, ipod, psp.
Article Directory Script - complete cms/article by excellentguide.com.
nBit WYSIWYG HTML Editor Compo - an html wysiwyg designer component.
e - the collaborative text editor for windows.
IPComboBox OCX - ip address input combobox.
X360 Video Converter ActiveX O - video activex to split, merge, convert to avi.
ScrollLabel OCX - scrolllabel uses less space.
RCSBrowser - share development projects over the internet.
Visual Basic Controls (Source - visual basic source code. free example code..

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