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SSMSBoost software application by Solutions Crew GmbH about ssmsboost, object, connections, connection and more.
Version: 1.9 Release: 03/01/2012 OS: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinServer Type: Shareware Size: 955 kB Price: $100.00
Keywords: SSMS add-in, SQL Server management studio add-in, SSMS tools, SQL Server management studio tools, SSMS extension, SQL Server too
SSMSBoost is add-in that adds first-class tools to SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio)
Features include:
-Locate object: quickly find object located at cursor position in object
explorer. Shortcut: [Ctrl-F2].

-Script object located at cursor position directly from SQL Editor. Shortcut:[F2].
If you select part of the identifier - SSMSBoost will use selection as identifier
(must be done in comments).

-QuickConnection Switch combobox on SSMSBoost toolbar allows you to switch
current connection in SQLEditor window at a glance !

-Preferred connections: \"remember\" frequently used server/databases
-define connections to different servers/databases in SSMSBoost settings.
-define display name for long server names
-assign color for each connection that will be used in SQLEditor window
-define if SSMSBoost should automatically open empty script window at start-up
-add quickly any database displayed in object explorer to preferred
connections by clicking on it and selecting \"Add to preferred connections\".

-Track current database in ObjectExplorer: current database will be focused in
Object Explorer

-Search for objects using wildcards: SSMSBoost has advanced Object Search dialog
that allows you to use wildcards when searching for objects

-Sometimes you want \"Execute to Grid\", sometimes \"Execute to Text\". So:
[F5] - Execute to Grid,
[F6] - Execute to Text
Shortcuts can be redefined -see next feature

-Assign new keyboard shortcuts, change existing shortcuts.

-Define macros with existing commands.

-Auto replacements allow you to write most used SQL commands more quickly. Type
\"sel\" and press space - it will be replaced by \"select * from\".
Add your own Auto-replacements !

-Scripting options: redefine standard scripting options. Be careful - you get
full access to all options. Some of them might not work. For experts
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