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colorpic - meditation browse through the british education thesaurus subject terms and then.
Pass4sure Lotus 190-840 - Download and Pass Lotus 190-840 Exam..
MAGICCALC - MagicCalc is a full functions 2D/3D Graphic Calculator..
Color by Numbers - Animals for Mac - A great-looking and easy-to-play coloring game about birds and animals.
Prime Number Spiral - Software for exploring the Prime Number Spiral (a.k.a. the Ulam Spiral).
ClimeCalc - Pt100 , temperature , relative humidity , dew point , wet-bulb temperature etc..
XP Multilingual Translator - Online translate word, sentence, passage into 10 languages !.
Science Teacher Helper - To save you time when editing math, chemistry and physics in documents..
ListeningSingingTeacher Mac - Learn to sing in tune and rhythm with visual pitch feedback.
PrettyMap - World Atlas and Maps, GPS - View maps of Earth and other planets! See current day and night regions, ....
Websters Digital Chinese Dictionary - Digital Chinese-English dictionary with Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English.
CompactCalc - CompactCalc is an enhanced scientific calculator for Windows.
Santa's Village - Fun, educational Christmas game for young kids w/ beautiful graphics and music..
LearnWords Windows - training program for study languages on desktop and mobile computers.
ECTACO Voice Translator English -> Chine - Phrase book (3200+ phrases in 15 topics) with TTS engine and voice recognition.
ABC typing game - Speed typing training.
YGS Free Metronome - This is metronome program like digital hardware metronome for musicians..
Guitar Learning Software - Guitar learning with tab editor, songs and lessons. Book included..
Energetic Healing - Energetic Healing toolbar for internet explorer..
PrettyEarth - World Atlas and Maps, GPS - View beautiful maps of Earth! See current day and night regions, ....
TesT & RedactoR 7 - Programm for creating and passing tests / exams / quizzes.
Knitting Wizard - Create your own custom knitting grids and diagrams..
English-German Gold Dictionary for UIQ - English-German & German-English dictionary for UIQ devices.
Kea Coloring Book - Kea Coloring Book. 100s of pictures to download..
Note shooter game - Listen and recognize note free online music flash game. ear training.
Rainbow piano for kids - Look at the pannel and press the same note..
Color by Numbers - Flowers for Mac - Affordable software for girls that makes learning fun by coloring flowers.
Apple Mac Computer Basics - Hard Drives - Apple Mac Lesson on Hard Drives & Their Size - What is a hard drive and more.
Graph Paper Maker - Create your own custom sheets of graph paper..
Cancerle App - Cancerle - Just Cancer Facts App. Get access to millions of Cancer facts..
MaxMedia Light - Create multimedia presentations, digital album, interactive kiosks and catalogs..
Trainer HD - An educational game to help musicians learn the notes on the fretboard..
Acting and Modeling Toolbar - Hollywood North Acting and Modeling Toolbar.
book2 Deutsch - Litauisch - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in Lithuanian!.
NJStar Communicator - Chinese, Japanese and Korean Language Enabler for English and Western Windows.
book2 Deutsch - Griechisch - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in Greek!.
book2 Deutsch - Tschechisch - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in Czech!.
15 logic games C - This game of fifteen has multiple difficulty levels for you to choose from.In it.
Pass4sure Alcatel-Lucent 4A0-101 - Download and Pass Alcatel-Lucent 4A0-101 Exam..
book2 English - German - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in German!.
Electrical Motor Control Circuits - Troubleshooting Electric Motor Control Circuits - wiring fault simulation.
Random Intelligence Test - Free random intellect test based on Color Lines game with complexity adjustment..
BeliverTranslator - A powerful multilingual any-to-any translation software among 52+ languages.
Imagery: Digital Image Processing - Digital Image Processing teaching & learning EduVirtualLab, at least 44 modules.
book2 Deutsch - Portugiesisch - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in Portuguese!.
3D Graphics 101 for Mac OSX - 3D e-Learning Program - Learn 3D modelling fundamentals.
Meeting Online - Meeting-online - we overstep the limits of common online communication.
SpotOnTheMouse - A mouse pointer action and keyboard visualization software..
5 Easy Ways to Make $500 in a Weekend - 5 Easy Ways to Instantly Make $500 in a Weekend. 5 ideas make some quick money.
Atomic Mac - Periodic table of the elements software with a wealth of nuclear information..
book2 Deutsch - Japanisch - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in Japanese!.
DesktopCalc - DesktopCalc is an enhanced, easy-to-use and powerful scientific calculator.
3D Graphics 101 for Mac OSX - 3D e-Learning for Individuals and Educators.
AUTOSIM - A simulation of a NYC Transit Authority train traveling by automatic signals..
Power Writing DSPP Demo - Power Writing DSPP Program Frees Your Creative Writing Process! Demo WIN/MAC.
book2 français - néerlandais - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in Dutch!.
Agile 10 Key - Build ten-key typing speed and accuracy for work, school, and home..
book2 italiano - tedesco - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in German!.
Mac Computer Dictionary - LAN - Apple Mac Lesson - What is a LAN explained in Plain English.
Pass4sure Sair 3X0-104 - Download and Pass Sair 3X0-104 Exam..
Speech and Debate Timekeeper - Timer for speech and debate competitions with spoken and visual time signals..
Earthquake 3D - Real-time 3D display of global earthquakes..
metronome for speedreading - ??????? ??? ????????? ??????. ?????????? ?????? ?? ????? ????? ??? ?????? ????.
ABC Fire meditation 42 - Fire meditation 42.
TranslateUs - TranslateUs automatically translates all files on mobile device..
book2 - - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in German!.
Numero Lingo - Easy way of learning numbers in French, German, English, Italian, Spanish.
Basic Computer Training Tips Lesson #1 - Basic computer training secrets to success #1 - Learning Levels.
A Day With Charlie - Spend a fun day with Charlie in this wonderful and moving picture book..
STAR Exam - English language perfecting game for 7 to 12 years old students.
EquPixy - Add-in which makes easier the work with chemical and mathematical equations..
Cursor Translator - Pick words anywhere on screen, get the translation with your mouse cursor on it..
PLC Training - RSlogix Simulator - PLC training - PLCTrainer CBT, tutorial, logic simulator..
Verbix - Verb conjugations and grammar in more than 100 languages.
AntiPlagiarist - Search documents for plagiarism (MS Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, plain text, etc.).
AdvancEd NC Editor - AdvancEd ? is a multi-functional problem-oriented editor of NC flow programs..
TabView - View and print PowerTab tablatures with your Mac..
Aquarius Soft PC Binary Converter - Instantly convert between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal number systems..
PERCENT CE - Calculate the percentage of any number out of any number.Great little tool..
Compose text by letters - Use you mouse for restore initial text. Online exercises for students of English.
SimSolar - SimSolar - easy to use and entertaining Solar System Simulator for Windows.
YGS Guitar Chords Help System - This is guitar chord help system. 808 chord tabs in this version..
???? ?????? - ?????????????? ?????? - ??? ??????????? ???????????? ???????? ??? ???? ???????.
Memorizing Address Test - How good is your memory? Test it with this free quick online test.
ePub DRM Removal ebookask - ePub DRM Removal remove ebook ADEPT DRM protection with 1-click.
JXCirrus Maths for Mac - Quick and easy maths training application for learning times tables and sums..
UnitConvertor-C - Electricity, Magnetism and Sound unit-converter for Windows.
SimplexCalc - SimplexCalc is a multivariable desktop calculator for Windows..
Free A+ Certification Exam Study Guide - Free A+ Certification Exam Study Guide for A+ hardware (core) exam by ProProfs.
Hypermania App - Hypermania ADHA Search - ADHD Search Engine..
Listen and play music online - Listen and repeat music free online music flash game..
ECTACO Voice Translator English -> Frenc - Phrase book (3200+ phrases in 15 topics) with TTS engine and voice recognition.
Two Channels Frequency Generator - Independent control of frequency, phase and volume on left and right channels..
NJStar Chinese WP - Best Chinese Word Processor with Powerful Dictionary Tools for Teaching/Learning.
15 logic games Z - File Format: PDF/Adobe AcrobatThe game of Fifteen-Ball will be played for all ma.
Learn Japanese - NihongoUp is the best integrated learning solution for a learner of Japanese..
book2 français - allemand - Download 100 audio (mp3) files and learn easy sentences in German!.
English-Spanish Gold Dictionary for UIQ - English-Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary for UIQ devices.
pHMetry - Simulates the performance of pH meters and automatic burets..
Speech and Debate Timekeeper - Timer for speech and debate competitions with spoken and visual time signals..
15 logic games X - Click on New Game to play or start a new game.This is the classical game of fift.

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