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Empower Network Video software application by Zlateff Marketing Group about challenge, business, network, marketing and more.
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Let me paint you a picture of the common struggles with the home business industry. The first challenge it to find prospects, so you hit up Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue thinking they are going to get involved with you. After they stop laughing at you, they say ?Is this one of those pyramid things?? Now you only did this because that is what your upline told you to do when in reality there are far batter ways now to find qualified prospects by using the internet. But how do you go about marketing online when you have a hard enough time checking your email.

The second challenge is to last long enough to get into profit. This is the number one source of frustration for most marketers. You see the network marketing industry is a long term model that takes years to compound. Because of these first two challenges the attrition rate is huge. Attrition is the death of residual income and it?s like trying to fill a bucket with holes full of water. Just as you sponsor one person into your business, two leave your business. It?s a never ending cycle unless you have a simple system put in place that inspires duplication.

Now of course the next challenge is how to build a business on the internet. Many people have spent thousands of dollars to learn how to market online without making a dime. And a few marketers have made millions of dollars teaching people how to get more leads which supposedly makes you more money. More leads do end up making you more money but if you don?t know how to sell or understand direct response marketing you have to get a crap load of leads which can take a long time.
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