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discusfishdiseases software application by Jordan Enterprise about discus, diseases, disease, internal, discusfishdiseases and more.
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Keywords: Discus Fish Diseases, discus diseases and treatment, discus disease symptoms, discus disease
Hole in the Head ? Internal Discus Fish Diseases

Hole in the head is a discus fish diseases that appears to be holes around the head. This is a very dangerous disease that can be fatal to your fish. After catching this disease, your fish can easily catch bacterial infections. If you notice small holes around the head and the front you can give them Metronidazole to treat hole in the head.
Tapeworms ? Internal Discus Fish Diseases

This is another common internal discus fish diseases that your fish can get. Once infected, your fish is open to other diseases because the system becomes weak. If you see internal worms on the skin you can use Praziquantel to treat the disease.

There are a lot of disases that will affect your discus fish. Some discus fish diseases can be prevented with clean water and the proper pH levels.
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