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discustanks software application by Jordan Enterprise about discus, tanks, water, discustanks, maintenance and more.
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Keywords: discus tanks, discus care, discus fish, discus fish tank size
Discus are some high maintenance fish. They must have clean water which will require you to change out 25% of the discus tanks water at least two times a week. Uneaten food and waste can cause bacteria in the water and you must make sure that it is discarded from the tank. You must purchase a heater and terminator for your tank and make sure that the temperature stays around 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Discus fish are very sensitive and you have to make sure that the pH levels remain between 5.5 -7 for optimal levels. The optimal level for pH levels is six. If you follow this, you will have the perfect living conditions in your discus tanks.
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