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Finger Slayer Wild software application by iTankster.com about finger, slayer, reaction, modes, mouth and more.
Version: 1.1 Release: 07/20/2011 OS: iPhone,iPod Type: Freeware Size: 20070 kB Price: $0.00
Keywords: finger slayer, wild, finger cut, cut finger, guillotine, shark, lion, vampire, thriller, slice
\" Finger Slayer Wild is the second part to the most thrilling reaction time game specially designed for iPhone & iPod Touch. With Finger Slayer Wild you get to test your reaction time in 3 new modes. It\'s Wild and It\'s Crazy! Do you have the nerves to put your finger in a Lion\'s mouth, Shark\'s mouth or a Bat\'s mouth! See if you\'re quick enough to whip out your hand in time or are you going to get your Finger Slayed?

Simply place your finger on the circle and wait for the 3,2,1 & Go count. As soon as you hear Go be sure to remove your finger as fast as possible to avoid the carnage. The longer you wait till the bite, the higher the score. Also if you remove your finger to early then the game ends so timing is everything!

- Beautiful Animal Animations
- Realistic Effects To Feel The Bite
- Superb & Fun Sound Effects
- Game Center Leaderboard Support
- Endless Game Mode
- Unlock New Achievements
- 2 Bonus Guillotine Modes For Original Finger Slayer Fans

Play all 3 of our fun animal modes & test your reaction time skills! Plus we created Classic and Superstar mode for variation in difficulty. Plus all levels since each level has a different speed setting. However, you never know when you\'re finger will get slayed so watch out.

- Showoff your score to your friends with GameCenter.

- We\'re already working on a new update! That will be our biggest yet, so stayed tuned! :- )

- Special thanks to our fans! Your support is truly appreciated!

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