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yoga montreal software application by yoga montreal renaissance about montreal, ashtanga, renaissance, interpretation and more.
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Keywords: montreal, ashtanga, renaissance
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Before asking ourselves ?what is yoga?? it is best to empty our minds of any prejudice or preconception
that we may have, as these will prevent us from listening? listening to our Self. A cup which is full
cannot receive any more liquid. First we must empty our cup. Misconceptions like flexibility of the body
and ?doing? various postures are yoga are as misleading as they are ludicrous.
Yoga means ?union? or to yoke. Integration of the body, mind and soul might be one man?s
interpretation. The merging of the individual Soul with the infinite Spirit another man?s interpretation.
Union of the Self with God another. Or, being One. We all use different words to express the same thing.
Essentially, anything that you do to connect to yourself is yoga.
Any yoga practice should help you to feel more connected to yourself, and to your environment and
those around you. I haven?t met a single person in my life who doesn?t practice yoga. I strongly believe ?
as Plato wrote of in the Republic ? that, every man wants what?s best for his soul. I personally believe
that there is no such thing as disagreements amongst men, only misunderstandings. Yoga practices
remove the veil of darkness, ignorance and allow our bodies and minds to clearly communicate what we
feel in our hearts? Love.
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