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Air Traffic Dash software application by iTankster.com about gameutilities, requires, planes, traffic and more.
Version: 1.0 Release: 12/23/2010 OS: iPhone,iPod Type: Shareware Size: 2560 kB Price: $0.99
Keywords: plane, flying plane, launch plane, air traffic, collision, plane blast, plane destroy
\"Be sure to check out our other apps and games as well! GameUtilities - 101 in 1 Photo Strip Maker Soccer Champ Alpha Catcher ?????????????????????? The game is extremely challenging and requires you to really think logically to place as many planes as possible on the screen! Good Luck! Air Traffic Dash is a highly addictive plane collision game.The game requires you to plan the placement of the planes and requires you to analyze distance, speed, and number of planes. Do you have what it takes to avoid a collision? Launch Plane One By One By Clicking Anywhere On The Screen. Make Sure They Do Not Crash! The Planes will go in different directions, and once launched you can\'t change the direction. This is the challenge. How many planes can you place without crashing??????????????????????? Please Support Us By Doing Any Of The Following: 1) Submitting a 5 Star review 2) Telling friends & family 3) Emailing us Or including bugs within the 5 star review 4) Purchasing an in-app power, if you like the game
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