Submission Policy

  • Products submitted to the LeoFiles should be appropriate for general audiences. It will be the responsibility of the LeoFiles to investigate complaints regarding inappropriate material. The LeoFiles may remove links to any software deemed inappropriate for listing on the LeoFiles site. No appeal to not authorized outside judgment is possible.
  • Author of the product agree that comments of users at the product page can be posted by general audience including anonymous users. Management of LeoKrut acts as a moderator and can delete any comment without explanation at will. Authors can appeal to management to delete inappropriate from their point of view comments or delete or repost their listing that automatically will remove all comments from the page of the product.
  • We strongly suggested that all authors check validity of their PAD files. We are not responsible for mistakes in the PAD files.
  • Any materials submitted to LeoFiles must be in compliance with all  applicable laws and regulations including copyright laws. In case of infringement of copyright laws by submitter of the product we reserve the right to file a sue case against violator upon discovery of the case. We are strongly suggest that screenshots of the product would contain only images legally belonged to the publisher.
  • We are charging small processing fee for submission or updating a listing of the product at LeoFiles. Deleting the listing is free. Submission fee covers the inclusion of the product in database with creation an individual page for the product only. Time of maintaining the listing of any particular product in LeoFiles is not directly connected with processing fee payment. As a general policy we are regularly updating database removing oldest submissions first.  

PAD Files

This site requires PAD file format version 1.1 or later. PADGEN v3.11supports this format.

The following fields are required or strongly recommended:

/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Company_Info / Company_Name
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Name
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Version
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Month
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Day
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Year
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Company_Website_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Contact_Info/Contact_Email
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Type
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_OS_Support
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Cost_Dollars
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Keywords
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Char_Desc_80
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Char_Desc_2000
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Info_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_XML_File_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Download_URLS / Primary_Download_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Screenshot_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Order_URL

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