Submission Policy

  • Products submitted to the LeoFiles download link site will be appropriate for general audiences. It will be the responsibility of the LeoFiles to investigate complaints regarding inappropriate material. The LeoFiles may remove links to any software deemed inappropriate for listing on the LeoFiles site. No appeal to outside practice is possible.
  • In case of establishing affiliate relation modifications in links can be done by LeoFiles without affecting substantive content  and without additional notification of authors.
  • We strongly suggested that all authors check validity of their PAD files. We are not responsible for mistakes in the PAD files.
  • Any materials submitted to LeoFiles must be in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations including copyright law. In case of infringement of copyright laws by submitter of the link we reserve the right to sue violator upon discovery of the case.
  • Frequency of resubmissions of the same product can be limited by LeoFiles depend on performance of the achieve and to limit unfair marketing practice taking into account that significant update of the program usually demand time.

PAD Files

This site requires PAD file format version 1.1 or later. PADGen version 1.2 or later supports this format.

The following fields are required or strongly recommended:

/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Company_Info / Company_Name
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Name
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Version
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Month
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Day
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Year
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Company_Website_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Contact_Info/Contact_Email
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Type
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_OS_Support
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Cost_Dollars
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Keywords
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Char_Desc_80
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Char_Desc_2000
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Info_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_XML_File_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Download_URLS / Primary_Download_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Screenshot_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Order_URL

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