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Mobileshield software application by Protectmobile about predefined, software, mobile, numbers, mobileshield and more.
Version: 1.0 Release: 01/01/2008 OS: Symbian Type: Demo Size: 48 kB Price: $10.00
Keywords: Protect,Secure,theft,stole,mobile,cell,phone,recover,antitheft
This mobile software is to notify the predefined mobile numbers whenever the Sim Card is changed, if authentication fails it sends out an SMS to predefined numbers without manual intervention.
The main purpose of this software is to find out or track the mobile when it is stolen or lost.
Software automatically send SMS to predefined message,to predefined numbers when ever sim change occurs
Uninstall is possible only with the password provided upon the purchase .

The trial version will not send the sms to predefined numbers untill it is registered. it will show the sim changed message to the user , untill it is registered. The registration password will be provided based upon the purchase. The registration password is unique for IMEI .url:www.protectmobile.com
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