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BackUPMAX for Mac Online Backup software application by Online Backup Inc. about backup, online, backupmax, computer, helps and more.
Version: 2 Release: 02/23/2009 OS: Mac PPC,Mac OS X,Mac OS X 10.4,Mac OS X 10.5 Type: Commercial Size: 10874 kB Price: $0.00
Keywords: Online Backup, remote backup, locate lost laptop, geolocation, remote erase, data backup
BackUPMAX Online Backup (Personal Edition) for Windows and Mac automatically saves multiple copies of your files in secure data centers for 7 days to 10 years after they are deleted from your computer. If you need your files back, you can easily restore them from any web browser. Remotely Erase Sensitive Data; Unlimited File Versions; Highest Security in the Industry; Automatic File Selection; Open/Locked File Support; Helps Find Lost Computers

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