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Sv AdWords Compass software application by Sv, Inc. about adwords, competitor, compass, spying, software and more.
Version: 1 Release: 07/06/2010 OS: Linux,Unix,WinVista,WinXP Type: Commercial Size: 2441 kB Price: $19.00
Keywords: google adwords software, adwords tools, adword compass, competition, competitor, doolsoft, keyword tool, keyword research, keywo
AdWords Compass - Best AdWords Software & Adwords Tool for Spying on Competitor\'s Adwords Campaigns. AdWords Compass is a powerful Windows application for spying on Google AdWords competition.

Main features of standard edition

Reveal who your competitors are in AdWords
Reveal your competitor\'s AdWords
Estimate AdWords traffic of your competitors
Estimate your competitor\'s AdWords budget
Main features of professional edition

Include all features of standard edition
Unlimited projects and keywords
Export result into CSV and HTML report
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