software for data presentation, statistical analysis, marketing and prediction.

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  • Introduction
  • Data
  • Statistics
  • Results presentation
  • Samples
  • Popular statistics and data analysis
  • LeoStatistic - building histogram, curve fit, multivariate regression, data modeling software.

    • Operation system:
      MS Windows 95/NT, XP, Vista or higher.

    • Version: 14.5 (last modification at Mar. 2, 2008).

    • Type: Shareware.

    • Main features of LeoStatistic software application:
      • Data
        • Import data series (tables, datasets) from: database (MS Access for example) table or by custom SQL request; text file; image file; copy/paste from spreadsheet (MS Excel); get x-y curve from chart image or type in spreadsheet like data control directly.
        • Operate more then one data series (tables) at the same time.
        • Virtually unlimited* number of records to make visual representation and analyze.
        • Recognition of  calendar mm/dd/yyyy data format transferring it into yyyy.yyyy to use for market (currencies, shares, commodities) time series trend presentation and  curve fitting.
        • Add and modify parameters in data series by user defined formulas or simple incorporated schemes.
      • Visual presentation and statistical analysis:
        • Calculating matrix of correlations for all parameters in first data series and visually presenting them as a table of  x-y charts.
        • Building histograms of variable distributions comparing them with Student, Erlang and Poisson probability densities. There is an option to calculate distributions conditioned to other parameters as well a probability that conditionally selected data is not random. The algorithm to find most significant array of conditions corresponded to least random selection.
        • Visualization in form X-Y chart of relationship between two variables with an ability to implement a variety of curve fitting schemes for approximation with custom equation to find best matching coefficients. Automatically finding best fitting formulas in polynomial, harmonic or mixed quasilinear style.
        • Three dimensional histogram for distribution of two variables. There is also an option of presentation in form of colored map.
        • Three dimensional, in perspective projection presentation of variable as a function of two arguments and multivariate approximation of it as a plane or parabola like surface.
        • Linear and parabolic multivariate regression when number of arguments is more then two.
        • Near neighbors method for multivariate estimation of value on the premise that closest in multidimensional space points have alike values.
        • Search in multidimensional space best fitting coefficients for user defined formula of two or more arguments.
        • Calculation of probability (score) for chosen variable (considered as a response) to be more then given value for defining the pool of prospective customers in market research and followed advertising campaign.
        • Automatically run a comprehensive statistical analysis of one data set that can include most of described above features creating report in HTML style file. The feature virtually makes LeoStatistic the application with no time to waste for training and accommodation.
      • Results.
        • Visualized data and abstract of statistical results are displayed on the screen in report-ready form. Detailed statistical formulas and coefficients are shown at the result panel.
        • User has ability to copy/paste screen chart as a bitmap picture into software applications like MS Office. The same is valid for a content of result panel that can be copy pasted as a table.
        • There is an option to instantly create a MS Word document with a result chart and text content of the result panel.
        • With one click of mouse the HTML page with results ready to published can be created.
        • A calculation of value for the given set of arguments for active statistical scheme when available (few logical exclusions applied).
        • Usage of active statistical scheme to produce fitting values  for array of arguments contained in text file. There is an option to sort results and save them as a text file that can be used for prediction including selection of most perspective leads (consumers).
      • Interface.
        • Transparent and self-explanatory user interface conveniently located at control panel of application.
        • No more than three clicks are ever required to reach any edit control to modify statistical scheme or data presentation.

    *Programmable limitation on the number of records in data series is 232 (1010) Another limit of the software is the time of calculative consumption and depends on the available memory and rate  processor  of the computer. For different statistical schemes times of calculations could be remarkable different. In general one can say that for less then thousand records any statistical schemes will perform practically instantly.

    Screenshots of the LeoStatistic software:
    click on picture to enlarge

    Building histograms
    Building histogram

    Distribution of two variables.
    Distribution of two variables.

    Approximation (constructor style interface).
    (constructor style interface).

    3D view.
    3D view.

    DOW trend.
    DOW trend.

    Signals revealing
    Signals revealing.

    Near neighbors method
    Near neighbors method.

    Harmonic analysis.
    Harmonic analysis.

    Fit with free format formula.
    Fit with free format formula.

    Curve fit of crystal growth rate.
    Curve fit of crystal growth rate.

    Get data from image file.
    Get data from image file.

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