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  • Edit legend.

    The data presentation and statistical modeling is visually presented as a chart at the working screen of LeoStatistic.

    There are several options to add descriptions of data and results with help of tools in "Legend" tab of Control panel.

    Legennd tab in LeoStatistic

    There are following operations supported:

    Edit content of the "Title" and descriptions of horizontal and vertical axes. Type new variant in corresponding edit controls of "Legend" tab and press "Enter". If edit controls will be empty it will also save a space on the chart.

    Change font and color of the "Title" and axes descriptions. Click on "Font" button and chose wanted characteristics.

    Align position of "Title" or  axes descriptions. Drag  slide control on "Legend" tab to the desirable position relative to the screen.

    Show result formula on the screen. Check or not "Result formula" control. To change the font of formulas on the screen - press corresponding "Font" button. Note that the color of the result formulas are the same as colors of corresponding values variables and can be edited in "Data" tab of control panel.

    Tip: Any variation in way of the chart presentation initiates a recalculation and repainting of the picture. For not too large number of the records it's not a matter of concern but for thousands of records it could be. To avoid this effect make all parameters inactive during editing of the chart.

    Screenshots of the LeoStatistic software:
    click on picture to enlarge

    Building histograms
    Building histogram

    Distribution of two variables.
    Distribution of two variables.

    Approximation (constructor style interface).
    (constructor style interface).

    3D view.
    3D view.

    DOW trend.
    DOW trend.

    Signals revealing
    Signals revealing.

    Near neighbors method
    Near neighbors method.

    Harmonic analysis.
    Harmonic analysis.

    Fit with free format formula.
    Fit with free format formula.

    Curve fit of crystal growth rate.
    Curve fit of crystal growth rate.

    Get data from image file.
    Get data from image file.

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