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    Depending on combination of numbers of arguments and values in data series software application LeoStatistic produces picture visualizing data in one of the available styles:

    Arguments Values Series

    Style of data presentation

    Histogram presenting of distributions of values  Histogram(s) presenting a distribution of value(s)
    3D histogram3D histogram
    or color map presentation
    (if more then one series each of them separately)
     color map presentation
    X-Y chart data visualization with horizontal coordinate that is corresponded to the argument in data series and the vertical to values.  X-Y chart
    3D data visualization in the prospect projection.3D presentation in the prospect projection.</
    map style presentation when Z - axis is represented by the size of mark  map style presentation
    color map data visualization
    (if more then one series each of them separately)
     color map presentation
    X-Y chart presenting a correlation between experimental and calculated values on the base of multivariate approximation or near neighbors methods  near neighbors methods

    By default LeoStatistic automatically chooses axes intervals on display to fit all  data points and fitting curves into the picture areas. To see or modify maximum and minimum values of Cartesian  coordinates or position of observation point and a look direction in 3D presentation. go to "View" tab of Control panel. Depend on current style of data presentation one of two controls interfaces  will appear:

    X-Y chart:


    If "Autozoom" control is checked up the content of the controls have just referral meaning. To enable editing visible area  uncheck  "Autozoom" control. Minimum and maximum values of the axes can be modified by different approaches: directly type a value into corresponding edit controls and push "Enter" key. This method is recommended for saving time when you know exact what you want to see. Clicking on the "+" or "-" buttons on the mnemonic picture in the panel; Push down a mnemonic button Moase selection button control that activates a choosing a zoom area by selecting it by mouse: push right button of the mouse down and moving cursor select desirable area and release button.

    In case when color map style of presentation is chosen, additional controls will appear to manage  setting colors represented maximum and minimum for z-axis, their values themselves, number color steps in their gradations and parameter to show:

    3D - view:

    To change point of view of virtual observer for the case of data visualization in three dimensional space the following control panel with mnemonic picture that is demonstrated a principle of projection objects on virtual screen is displayed:


    It's worth to point out that for sake of presenting meaningful pictures, the space is deforming in directions of all tree coordinates with the transformation that is equivalent to normalizing them to 0 - 1 minimum and maximum values. This normalization is affected picture presentation and also makes coordinates of virtual eye not literally accurate. This disadvantage is more then compensated with avoiding situations when too misbalanced along different coordinates data sets have a spot like projection.

    Using arrow buttons on the mnemonic picture of "View" control one can move point of observation all around data for most informative scrutiny.

    There is also switcher between styles of data presentations when alternatives are available for each of them.

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