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Dr. Leonid Sakharov
Lead developer and co-founder

Dr. Leonid Sakharov

Dr. Leonid Sakharov has more than 25 years of experience in scientific research and development of multidisciplinary technology processes.

Before the move into a business of production of scientific software applications Dr. Sakharov performed as a scientific programmer/algorithms developer one year in Admetric BioChem Inc. and five years earlier in Northeastern University. There were innovative research projects in the areas of improving of revealing compounds from mass spectrometer files and predictive analysis of time series.

Twenty years of researches in Russia Academy of Science in Saint Petersburg (Physical Technical Institute, Mechanical Engineering Institute, Institute of Silicate Chemistry) gave to Dr. Sakharov extraordinary expertise in areas of fine ceramic materials technology and deep theoretical understanding of fundamentals of these processes on nanoscale/molecular level.

Personal contact:

For more detailed information about Dr. Sakharov, take a look at his resume.

Proposals for research grants or contracts:
E-Beam Micro-channel Amplifier. - provisional patent application for sale.
Numerical modeling of structure formation during GaInN thin films production.
Low vacuum plasma deposition of epitaxial thin films of multicomponent compounds.
Software package for dynamic simulation of valence atoms interactions applicable for parallel calculation in a flexible size network of computers.


Selected list of publications:

  • The comparison of temperature dependence of linear crystal growth rate in silicate melt with theoretical models in wide interval of supercooling. Sakharov L.G. . Saint Petersburg, 1995, 19 p.
  • Nonequilibrium crystallization in melts of CaO-Al2O3 system. Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G. - Neorg. Mater (rus.), 1988, v.24, N 8, p. 1399-1401.
  • Nonequilibrium crystallization in eutectic melts of the CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 system. Erofeeva N.T., Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G. - Neorg. Mater (rus.), 1987, v.23, N 12,, p. 89-91.
  • The dependence of parameters of nonequilibrium crystallization in silicate melts on their composition. Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G. - In: Structures and properties of siliccate and oxide systems. Thesis of reports., Bratislava, 1986, p. 89-91.
  • The effect of metal oxides of variable valence on the growth kinetics of monocalcium silicate. Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G. - Neorg. Mater(rus.), 1986, v. 22, N 9, p. 1497-1499.
  • The energy barrier of nucleation in the bicomponent systems of eutectic type. Sakharov L.G. - In; 6 All-Union conference on Crystal Growth, 1985, Thesis of reports, v. 1, p.263-264.
  • The effect of alkali and earth alkali metal oxides on kinetic of wollastonite growth in melt. Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G. - Neorg. Mater (rus.), 1985, v. 21, N 4, p. 639-641.
  • Processes of crystallization in systems anortite-gelenite and gelenite-calcium disilicate. Sakharov L.G., - Selfreferat for candidate of science dissertation, Leningrad, "Science Leningrad Branch", 1984, p. 20.
  • The energy barrier of nucleation for crystallization of glass forming melts of nonstoichiometric composition. Sakharov L.G. - J. of Phys-chemistry (rus.), 1983, v. 57, n 9, p. 2355-2357.
  • The crystallization of glass forming melts in system anortite-gelenite. Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G. - Phys. and chem. of glass (rus.), 1981, v.7, N 2, p. 159-164.
  • The crystallization in quazibihare systems anortite gelenite and gelenite- calcium disilicate. Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G. - In: Int. Conf. of Crystal Growth, Moscow, 1980, v.3, p. 274-275.
  • Biaxially aligned Eu-123 tape on Ag support: optimization of precursor powder. L. Sakharov , M. Sakharova, C. Kusko, D. Budil, , R.S. Markiewicz, B.C. Giessen. - Abstracts MRS 1998 Fall meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, Q8.24.
  • The BiBiTY Method: Bi-2212 Biaxially textured substrates for Y-123 superconductor films. L. Sakharov , M. Sakharova, C. Kusko, D. Budil, , D.Fenner, J.Budnick , R.S. Markiewicz, B.C. Giessen.- Abstracts MRS 1998 Fall meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, Q9.6.
  • Biaxially aligned rare earth (re)-substituted bi-2212 films as substrates for 123 superconductor films. M. Sakharova , C. Kusko, D. Budil, L. Sakharov, R.S. Markiewicz, B.C. Giessen, V. Selvamanickam, P. Haldar Abstracts MRS 1997 Fall meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, T8.6.
  • Biaxial alignment of superconductive grains using electrostatic fields. C. Kusko, L. Sakharov, M. Sakharova, D. Budil, R.S. Markiewicz, B.C. Giessen , Abstracts MRS 1997 Fall meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, T11.23.
  • Fabrication of biaxially aligned Yb/Eu-doped Bi-2212 thick films as substrates for grtowth of epitaxial YBCO films. S.-Q.Wang, A.S. Lagu, Leonid G. Sakharov, Robert S. Markiewicz, B.C. Giessen .- Abstracts MRS 1996 Fall meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, GG5.13, p.701.
  • Improvement of the biaxial alignment of EuBa2Cu3O7-d. Leonid G. Sakharov, C. Bonetto, S.-Q. Wang, A. Lagu, N. Israeloff, R.S. Markiewicz, B.C.Gissen - Abstracts MRS 1996 Fall meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, GG12.14, p.714.
  • The condition of forming of high temperature oxide films with determine characteristics. Sakharov L.G. - In.; EMRS 1993 Fall meeting 4th European East-West Conference & Exhibition on Materials and Process, St-Petersburg (Russia), October 17-21, Symposium D., pp.89-89.
  • The formation of YBa2Cu3O7-x films on Si substrates with a ZrO2 buffer undercoat. Sakharov L.G, Ivanov A.A., Tretjakov V.V, Goloschapov C.I., Skin P.F., Dennison D.V. - Superconductivity: Physic, Chemistry, Technic., 1993, v. 6, N 8, pp. 1695-1701.
  • The deposition of epitaxial films of multi components compounds with magnetron sputtering on the example YBa2Cu3O7-x. Sakharov L.G. -J. Tech. Phys. (rus.), 1993,v.61, N 7, pp. 178-189.
  • Highalumina ceramics with low temperature of sintering. Erofeeva N.T., Sakharov L.G. - Neorg Mater., 1992, v. 28, N 1, p. 222-223.
  • The heater for vacuum installations. Erofeeva N.T., Sakharov L.G. - Inform. paper., Leningrad center of science-technique information, 1991, N 215-91, 3 p.
  • The method of production of melted highalumina cement. Author certificate of invention. N 1480329. - Golovina T.M., Khairov T.A., Perepelitzin V.A., Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G., Ovcharuk A.T., Jrin V.V. - Priority 24 Aug. 1987.
  • Technology and properties of the melted high alumina cements. Golovina T.M., Rumyantsev P.F., Sakharov L.G., Khairov T.A., Lateupova N.V. - In: High temperature chemistry of silicates and oxides. Theses of reports 6-All Union conference, 1988, Leningrad, p.331-332.
  • The cup for melts. Erofeeva N.T., Sakharov L.G. - Inform. paper, Leningrad Center of science-technique information, 1987, N 1170-87, 2 p.
  • The high-temperature furnace. Sakharov L.G. - Inf. paper, Leningrad center of science-technique inf., 1983, N 743-83, 3 p.
  • The temperature dependence of theoretical strength of high melted materials. Sakharov L.G. - Neorg. Mater. (rus.), 1989, v. 25, N 5, p. 768-772.

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