How to register software products of LeoKrut.

The procedure to buy registration of LeoKrut software is as following:

  1. Download, install and run the application on the computer you are planning to use on. The computer must have Internet connection to register software. You have to use our original setup application to be able to use our software.
  2. Not registered version of software will ask to register at any run.
  3. Follow instructions for current registration scheme.
  4. After successfully completing  payment via PayPal  (you will be notified by e-mail) run the application again.
We sell software applications on the as is terms.
Any unauthorized operation on the installed software product could lead to annulment of the registration.
In very unlike case of procedure malfunction please directly contact us (  and we will works with you to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
PayPal could not support payment in some geographical regions or could have other limitations. In that case directly contact us and for reasonable handling fee that have to be negotiated  we maybe will be able to register software manually for you.



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