How to trade secrets at LeoKrut.

What kind of secrets you can trade here?
We use here most broad possible definition of the secret as an any proprietary information that has monetary value to obtain. It could be anything - software code, scientific formula, cooking recipe, screenplay, joke for stand comic, idea for political campaign, technology... anything. Your can put on sell anything wrapable in transferable via Internet file. There is only one warning: in term of legality you are on your own. We will act in full obedience with laws as we know them and will cooperate with law enforcement agencies.
It means for instance that we will share your registration information if properly asked in accordance of law. As a rule we will not check and verify is publisher of his or her secret is real owner of this intellectual property, is the information correct or has any value. But we will help any lawful inquiry of such matter. We permit to post comments to any selling item so disappointed buyer will be able to complain and warn others.

How to publish?
Step 1. Create author account.
Step 2. Login in your account and publish your secret. You will need to have short abstract describing in good enough specificity what exact you are selling without revealing key features and most importantly to agree with terms and conditions.
Step 3. Get paid in accordance with terms.

How to buy?
Step 1. Find description of the secret you interesting to buy.
Step 2. Agree with confidentiality terms of usage this intellectual property and make a payment via PayPal service (major credit cards are accepted).
Step 3. Use Transaction ID from PayPal notification email as a password to download html page or file with content of bought information.
Step 4. Make comment on the description page (if you want to).

Confidentiality policy.
Confidentiality of intellectual property is protected by laws. We permit to author to set level of confidentiality for the secret on sale. User must to agree with the term effectively signing confidentiality agreement before downloading file with information. In case if publisher initiates criminal or civil case about breach of confidentiality agreement we will cooperate in full with official investigation providing all available relevant information.