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E-Beam Micro-channel Amplifier

by Leonid Sakharov

To sustain Moore´s law, that predicts doubling computer processing power every 18 months, new breakthroughs in core technology procedures in lithography have to be done. Particularly important is increase a resolution of lithography on surface of forming chip as well to be able to perform precise manipulations like etching out or local increasing temperature for creating doped semiconductor zones by thermodiffusion.
There is natural limitation on the type of beam source to be able concentrate energy on the local shaped region. A wave length of illuminated particles have to be not too much larger of the minimum size of elements of chip to avoid defocusing effect of diffraction. The logical continuations of the presently exploited technologies is to move deeper and deeper into ultraviolet area of light spectra utilizing good developed methods of optical lithography.


A diode is an structure of (semi)conductors these act as insulator in specific direction of electrical field. Exact what is needed for satisfying contradiction of demands to properties of the material for e-beam amplifier - not to conduct along applied electrical field and carry out extra positive changes.

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