Data analysis.

Data analysis is the bridge from observation to conclusion. It is the process of making sense of reality as one becomes aware of it. Until alive a subject always perceive signals via his detectors like eyes, ears, skin, nose and tongue. A brain of human being continuously analyzes enormous flow of data in routine subconscious manner when only very small portion of this data analysis is on the level that can be verbally described and formally mathematically processed at the current level of scientific knowledge and technological progress.

The area of science called artificial intellect, AI, is doing enormous progress in modeling behavior of alive being that is manifesting itself in technological achievements like in self-driving cars, automatic voice callers, personalized web-advertisement, automatic diagnose system such as IBM Watson and robots of all kind. The advanced data analysis is integral part of AI.

Data analysis uses to solve life problems these could be formulated in terms of mathematics. The same is more and more applicable now to the science in general that has experienced evolution from collection and classification of anecdote like observations to mathematically formulated fundamental laws of nature. Social science observes increasing pressure to use data these can be measured and expressed mathematically to cleanse vague language that is more emotional than accurate.

Without pretending to cover all areas of data analysis even on its most basic level there will be presented articles describing some problems in life that can be solved by methods of data analysis and shown how to do it with the help of our software LeoDataAnalysis.


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