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Data visualization, statistical analysis and modeling software.
  • Scientific and educational software application LeoDataAnalysis is targeted for the broadest range of customers from students till scientists and data analysts.
  • It has very mild limits on the size of data to operate.
  • Transparent and self-explanatory interface permits to access any controls editing data presentation or statistical method setting in several clicks.
  • Implemented features include:
    • Distribution of one and two variables; x-y dot graph presentation; three dimensional and color map style view of the function of two variables.
    • Histogram building, curve fitting with several interfaces, plane and parabolic multivariate approximation, estimation with near neighbors method.
    • Import data from database, text file, clipboard, image chart.
    • Instant creation of the MS Word Report.
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Digital photo images editor.
General features:
  • Open and save image files in *.bmp;*.jpg;*.tif;*.gif;*.png;*.emf;*.exf;*.wmf formats.
  • Enhance, correct colors, paint in, zoom and deform image.
  • Select and modify part of image.
  • Copy/paste image or selected area(s).
  • Print and print preview images.
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A numerical scientific and educational software simulator of the surface reaction during crystal growth.
Artistic visualization in real time of the process including an option of stereo presentation.
Illustrative tool for teaching students a concept of transformation of two dimensional nuclei mechanism of layer by layer growth into continuous one with decreasing of surface energy.
Can be used for modeling of one of the most important for nanotechnology industry process.
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The scientific and educational software application for the robotic internet search and download files.
It can use any internet page as a starting point and find all links that it contains. Then repeat the process for each linked page finally revealing all reachable pages.
Options include parallel downloading of all pages, finding keywords and e-mail addresses.
Visual tool to demonstrate to students a topology of the internet structure..
Other possible areas of the usage of LeoFetch are checking of up to date site content, downloading virtual libraries (archives), searching published contact e-mails.
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Scientific and educational software application for the reading, altering and saving NetCDF format files.
NetCDF is common used multiplatform binary file format for presentation and sharing experimental data.
There are not too many software in windows platform that can work with this format. Actually we don't know anyone except LeoNetCDF.
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LeoCalculator is an application for performing calculation of mathematical expressions these could include not only basic operations but also functions and brackets.
LeoCalculator also permits to use of predefined variables.
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LeoConfidential performs encryption-decryption of text in Unicode encoding that means it work for most languages on the planet earth. The algorithm of encoding is our state of art propitiatory development. The general principal of algorithm is to randomly melt needle of the message into random haystack of numbers.

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